Lukasz Brzeski

Lukasz Brzeski: Carrying the Torch of Polish Heavyweights

Regardless of the country or the region of the world, in combat sports, the heavyweights always put on a show. One of those countries producing dynamic fighters and future heavyweight stars is Poland. Babilon MMA is a large-scale regional organization based in Poland with a handful of very talented fighters with all the potential in the world to make it onto the world’s stage. One of those young talents is heavyweight-standout Lukasz Brzeski. Brzeski has taken on many of Europe’s best heavyweight talent and is ready to ascend to the top.

Finding MMA and Early Career

As with many young people who want to try and shed some weight, Brzeski found combat sports and eventually MMA, as a way to get in better shape. “When I was a child I struggled with obesity. It was thanks to MMA that I stopped being big. Then it somehow went!” Brzeski told MyMMANews. It did not take long for Brzeski found his love for combat sports and in April 2013, he made his professional debut. Sometimes, that special coach is all you need to transform you from training to competing. “I had a moment in my life when I lost my job. There was no opportunity to fight and I lost some self-confidence. Then my current Kickboxing trainer, Wojtek Hoły, helped me. He helped me a lot and to this day I teach him,” stated Brzeski. Holy is one of the most decorated trainers in Poland. He was a former Polish Low Kick and K1 PZKB champion along with coaching many world champions.

Ascension Among Polish Heavyweights

After Brzeski’s debut in 2013, he did not return to action until October 2016. Over the next two years, Brzeski continued to knock out competitors eventually earning a shot in one of Poland’s biggest organizations, Babilon MMA. Entering the matchup with Michal Orkowski, Brzeski was 5-1 with five knockout victories to his name. Brzeski would continue to show his promising skills by earning the second-round TKO victory. May 2019 saw Brzeski return under the Babilon MMA banner with his toughest task to date in KSW veteran Michal Kita. Going to the first 15-minute decision of his career, the bout ended in a draw. Five months later, Brzeski returned to the cage, this time to defeat a UFC veteran in Ednaldo Oliveira. These two bouts, especially the Oliveira bout, showed Brzeski can go the distance and pull out the victory.

Brzeski’s most-recent showing was his May 2020 Babilon MMA 13 headliner where he earned another knockout-victory, this time against Michal Piwowarski. Brzeski has stated his next matchup is in the works and hopefully an opponent will be announced soon. He is currently 3-0-1 and a title shot could be around the corner as well. “The federation belt is the pinnacle of my dreams,” said Brzeski. The Babilon MMA heavyweight belt could be the first of many for the powerful Polish striker.


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