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M 1 Challenge 56 results pictures from Moscow Emeev defeats Vasilevsky

M-1 Challenge 56 results & pictures from Moscow – Emeev defeats Vasilevsky

Emeev defeats Vasilevsky to recapture M-1 Challenge middleweight title

MOSCOW (April 11, 2015) – Former M-1 Challenge middleweight champion Ramasan Emeev (12-3-0) recaptured the coveted title from defending champion Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (26-3-0) in last night’s M-1 Challenge 56 main event in Moscow, Russia.

Emeev used a perfectly executed rear-naked choke to defeat Vasilevsky by submission at the 1:47 mark of the first round.

Vasilevsky had taken title belt from Emeev this past September 7 in St. Petersburg at M-1 Challenge 51: Fightspirit with a fourth-round stoppage from punches in the first showdown between the two Russian fighters. A Vasilevsky-Emeev rematch was a natural from the moment their first fight ended and now there is a potential trilogy match.

The 27-year-old Emeev, who lives and trains in Makhachkala, Russia, originally won the vacant M-1 Challenge middleweight title April 9, 2012, recording a knockout (strikes) of Mario Miranda (14-4-0) in the third round at M-1 Challenge 38. Emeev successfully defended his title five months later with a five-round decision over Miranda in a rematch and he hadn’t fought since losing to Vasilevsky.

The 26-year-old Vasilevsky had his 10 fight win streaks snapped by Emeev. He had won 16 of his last 17 fights and was making his first M-1 Challenge middleweight title defense against Emeev. The loss also was Vyacheslav’s first in nine M-1 Global-promoted shows, including four M-1 Challenge events. 

M-1 Challenge featherweight champion Ivan “Buki” Buchinger (29-4-0) knocked out Aliyar “Tiger” Sarkerov (12-5-0), who was a late replacement Tural Ragimov (9-2-0) with a punch in the second round of their non-title fight.

Croatian light heavyweight Kristian “Klitschko” Perak (8-1-1) and former M-1 Challenge champion Valery “The Russian Hammer” Myasnikov (8-1-1) battled to a three-round draw.

Croatian heavyweight Ante “Walking Trouble” Delija (13-2-0) won a hard fought three-round decision over Latvian veteran Konstantin “Lacplesis” Gluhov (28-16-0).

Spanish lightweight Javier Fuentes (6-0-0) kept his perfect record intact, winning a second-round technical submission of Nikolay “Cat” Kaushansky (6-2-0), of Russia, by way of a triangle choke.

In preliminary fight action, Russian lightweight Ali Abdulkhalikov (3-0-0) needed only 34-seconds to knockout Spain’s Joel Alvarez Gonzalez (4-1-0) with a spinning heel kick in a battle of previously unbeaten fighters, Alexey “Ataman” Makhno (9-3-0) stopped fellow Russian lightweight Rakhman Makhazhiev (3-2-0) with a punch in the third round, Abukar Yandiev (3-0-0) locked in a rear naked choke hold to submit fellow Russian middleweight Gevorg Charchyan (1-1-0) midway through the opening round. Russian featherweight Zalimek Omarov (4-1-1) punched out countryman Artiom Lobanov (2-2-0) in the second round, and Polish welterweight Michal Wiencek (5-2-0) defeated Russian opponent Rustam Gadzhiev (4-3-0) by way of a third-round submission resulting from a rear naked choke.

Complete results and picture gallery below:




Ramasan Emeev (12-3-0), Russia              WSUB1 (Rear-Naked Choke – 1:48)    Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (26-3-0), Russia

(Emeev won M-1 Challenge middleweight title)



Ivan Buchinger (29-4-0), Slovakia                             WTKO2 (Punch – 1:54)                       Aliyar Sarkerov (12-5-0), Russia



Ante Deliha (13-2-0), Croatia                                              WDEC3                               Konstantin Gluhov (28-16-0), Latvia



Valery Myashikov (8-1-1), Russia                                         Draw3                                        Kristijan Perak (8-1-2), Croatia



Javier Fuentas (6-0-0), Spain                           WSUB2 (Triangle Choke – 1:33)                Niko Kaushansky (6-2-0), Russia





Evgeniy Bedenko (6-1-0), Russia                                                                                           Ivan Vasiliev (11-2-0), Russia



Abukar Yandiev (3-0-0), Russia                    WSUB1 (Rear Naked Choke – 2:30)          Gevorg Charchyan (1-1-0), Russia

Gadzhi Gadzhiev (5-2-0), Russia                         WSUB2 (Armbar – 2:11)                           Yuri Yurchenko (1-2-0), Russia



Michal Wiencek, Poland (5-2-0)                    WSUB3 (Rear Naked Choke – 4:30)           Rustam Gadzhiev (4-3-0), Russia



Ali Andulkhalikov (3-0-0), Russia                    WKO1 (Spinning Heel Kick – 0:34)       Joel Alvarez Gonzalez (4-0-0), Spain

Alexey Makhno (9-3-0), Russia                               WKO/TKO3 (Punch – 0:39)       Rakhman Malhazhiev (3-2-0), Russia


Zalimbek Omarov (4-1-1), Russia                           WKO/TKO2 (Punch – 2:51)                    Artiom Lobanov (2-2-0), Russia

Emeev is M-1 Challenge 56 middleweight champion again


Emeev consoles Vasilevsky after their fight


Buchinger nails Sarkerov


(L-R) Konstantin Gluhov & Ante Delija.


M-1 Medieval welterweight fighting knight Evgeniy Bedenko & Ivan Vasiliev




Gevorg Charchyan & Abukar Yandiev


Javier Fuentes mounts Nikolay Kaushansky


Joel Alvarez Gonzalez & Ali Abdulkhalikov


Kristijan Perak & Valery Myasnikov


Michal Wiencek locks rear-naked choke on Rustam Gadzhiev


Zalimbek Omarov & Artiom Lobanov


Rakhman Makhazhiev & Alexey Makhno


UPCOMING EVENTS: M-1 Challenge 57, May 2, 2015 in Orenburg, Russia.


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