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Marc Worthington

Marc Worthington overcomes great odds to fight another day

Marc Worthington is an amateur mixed martial artist holding a 3-5 record.  While his fight record may not glaringly stand out among that of his peers, his story is one that should inspire and and put things into perspective for others his age.

Worthington, 22, says that he grew up in a home who abused drugs.  The Pennsylvania based fighter says that he was bullied at an early age and then later diagnosed with testicular cancer at just age 14.  After several years of treatment the youngster was given a clean bill of health.

Now without work, but training in mixed martial arts and hoping to open his own gym, Worthington is taking on Alex Marro at Cage Wars 36  on April 7 at the River Casino and Resort in Schenectady, New York.

The heavyweight weight bout pairs the 3-5 fighter against an opponent who is 1-1 who Worthington does not seem too impressed with.  Tune in below to find out more.


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