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Marlon Moraes says he has ‘a very good feeling’ Jose Aldo makes weight

When it was announced Jose Aldo would be moving down to bantamweight at UFC 245, many thought the former featherweight champion would miss weight.

Yet, his opponent, Marlon Moraes is confident in his fellow Brazilian that he will make the weight and tells people to stop worrying about it.

“People always like to talk about anything,” Moraes told MMA Junkie on Wednesday. “People always like to make a big case. Of course he’s having a tough cut. I’m having a tough cut. Everybody is having a tough cut. It’s not easy. We all cut weight. We all get drained and get lighter. That’s me; that’s him. It’s about the performances. It’s about who comes out Saturday night.

“I’m 100 percent sure I’m making weight, and I think I have a very good feeling – his team’s a great team – he’s going to make weight, too. If he wasn’t going to make weight, he wouldn’t come to Las Vegas all the way from Brazil. So everything is on point. You guys are going to have a great fight. Don’t worry about that.”

This will be Moraes’ first fight since losing to Henry Cejudo for the vacant bantamweight title. He appeared to gas out in the fight, but he says he has learned from that.

“At some point you’ve got to face it,” Moraes said. “It’s your life, it’s who you are, and I watched it. I learned so much from that one, and hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes. But we fight MMA where so much things are mixed up. Sometimes you have to deal with a situation you’ve never seen before. No excuses. Just hats off for the athlete, my opponent and the performance he had.”

In the end, Marlon Moraes is focused on Jose Aldo and excited for the challenge he presents.

“I like the challenge,” Moraes said. “Sometimes things people are scared of, I like it. I like to be challenged, and I like to fight, and it’s everything together, so why not?”

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