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Matt Mitrione and Alexander Flores

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Matt Mitrione and Alexander Flores on preparations ahead of Triad Combat

Matt Mitrione and Alexander Flores will test skills in a hybrid bout as part of Triller Fight Club’s next event.

Triad Combat is set to go down on Saturday, November 27th at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. This middle-ground for boxing and MMA is set to broadcast on FITE TV.

I spoke with Mitrione and Flores at the pre-fight virtual media day. The excerpts from those interactions are below.

Matt Mitrione and Alexander Flores

Mitrione’s thoughts on if there’s a level of camaraderie between those on the MMA team as they prepare for this clash against the boxing team

“We’ve all reached out to each other and talked about what things we’re working on. Things we find that are working well, a little bit different, frustrating. Boxing is such a sweet science, right? It’s very based around footwork. MMA is not so much. MMA is a lot more pressure and preparing for levels. We know it was takedowns or shots or where you’re gonna attack at. It’s a very different sport overall to kind of prepare for. But we’ve all been in touch and I think we’re trying to make sure we’re all as well prepared as possible.”

Frank Mir saying that these Triller paydays are among some of the biggest of his career and where this Triad Combat purse ranks for Matt Mitrione

“It’s a nice payday. I mean, I’ve had a good financial life. So I’m happy that I’ve done well. I’m glad that I came along in my mature days of fighting when the paychecks started getting really good. So I’m happy about it. I’m glad to see that. That there’s an opportunity for fighters to make good money still.”

Alexander Flores’ thoughts on the main stylistic proclivities that Mitrione brings to the table

“I know he has a good left and is very athletic. He played in the NFL and he fought in the UFC and Bellator. I feel like other than the spinning backfists and the other stuff, I mean I get hit in the face anyway. As long as I’m not getting kicked or taken down, I’m cool with that. But I mean, it should be a good night.”

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