Maxime Giacalone Set For Combate Global Tournament

Maxime Giacalone Set For Combate Global Tournament

Ireland, France, Spain, and Italy will all have a representative compete in a four-man European Global Combat Tournament under the Combate Global banner. After that, the winner of the four-man tournament will be entered into the Copa Combate Cup. $100,000 will go to the winner of that one-night tournament. Those fighters chosen to participate are Ireland-Patrick Lehane (6-8), Spain-Sebas Santana (8-3), Italy-Gianluca Rocca (6-0), and France-Maxime Giacalone (5-5.) Both rounds of the four-man tournament will take place on Sunday. The semi-final matchup will consist of one round. The winners of each round will meet in a three-round (five minutes per round) contest in the finals. Above all, one of these fighters has a huge opportunity to become Europe’s representative in the Copa Combate Cup. Which European country will have its name in bright lights come August 01, 2021?

France Looking To Take The Top Spot

Representing Team Marseille Fight Club and Resilience Sport Management, Maxime Giacalone, looks to make his debut in Combate Global in Miami on Sunday, August 01, 2021. A solid submission artist, three of Giacalone’s five professional victories have come by the finish. One of those submissions was a Submission of the Year candidate in which he locked in a Purvian Necktie in the second round of his contest with Sofian Boucherf. Giacalone stated to MyMMANews that we can expect a “nice surprise” when he steps into the cage to meet Italy’s Rocca. The French talent could easily steal the show defeating the top seed.

Not only is this a huge chance for Giacalone personally, but it’s a huge opportunity to continue France’s evolution. France did not legalize MMA until January 2020. There are a handful of names helping to carry the first leg of the French MMA torch. Giacalone can join that group with a solid performance. “This is a great opportunity for me and for the French MMA. I again thank resilience management and the organization for this opportunity,” Giacalone told MyMMANews. “The legalization of MMA in France has made this sport more popular thanks to television broadcasting. In terms of training, nothing changed because the practice of MMA was allowed. We had to fight abroad,” said Giacalone.

Finding Combate Global

With Univision buying a large stake in Combate Global, obviously, the largely Hispanic-based organization can be found on Univision along with airing on CBS Sports Network, and Paramount+. Lately, Combate has been pushing out very solid numbers. The weekend’s second-most-watched organization behind only the UFC, Combate outscored Bellator in April 2021. . Combate Estrellas, airing on April 13, 2021, netted over four million viewers live in Mexico. With so many eyes on the organization, rebranding from Combate Americas to Combate Global can only help the organization expand. In conclusion, this four-main tournament is a perfect example of the organization’s push to include European nations.

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