Michael Bisping discusses his role in Never Back Down: Revolt

Michael Bisping started his acting career back in 2009 while he was still fighting and now the retired former UFC middleweight champion is still very active to this day with his acting roles.

Last year, Bisping landed a role in Never Back Down: Revolt, which is the fourth movie in the Never Back Down franchise.

Now nearly a year later, the film has officially been released to the public on On Demand, Digital and Blu-ray thanks to Sony Pictures and Entertainment.

The movie is center around mixed martial arts just like the previous three Never Back Down movies. In this film, Olivia Popica plays the lead role of Anya, who is kidnapped and forced to compete in underground fights and teams up with the other women who are captured to fight for their freedom.

Bisping plays a dark role in the character Janek, who serves as an enforcer in the underground fight promotion and is tasked with keeping the girls in line by any means possible and throughout the film he his tempered and violent.

With the movie officially being released, Bisping spoke to MyMMANews in an interview to discuss the film. Aside from talking about the movie, Bisping also talked about his acting career and his successful Believe You Me podcast and YouTube channel in which he is heavily active in providing content on UFC coverage.

You can watch his full interview in the video above.

The full cast for Never Back Down Revolt are listed below:
Anya – Olivia Popica
Janek – Michael Bisping
Jaya – Nitu Chandra Srivasttava
Mariah – Brooke Johnston
Aslan – Tommy Bastow
Valentina – Diana Hoyos
Julian – James Faulkner
Lori – Hannah Al Rashid
Mali – Vanessa Campos
Marco – Raffaello Degruttola
Emika – Nicole Sousa
Davy – Cameron Jack
Dr. Moretti – Christopher Sciueref
Pavlo – Antonio Bustorff
Gareth – Andrew Hollingworth
Concierge – Brian Yansen
Jack – Edward Linard

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