Miesha Tate gets revenge

Miesha Tate gets revenge on ‘Peeping Tom’ police officer

Remember the police officer who at the UFC 196 weigh-ins last Friday was caught on camera keeping an eye on things?

The officer who was on stage while Miesha Tate unclothed was caught sneaking a peek and the video went viral.

Officer Russel Mettke was thought by some to have let his eyes drift to Tate’s backside as she put her shorts on after weighing in for her co-main event title fight.

Today, Tate has since got her revenge.

The new UFC women’s bantamweight champion wrote:

“Some of you will get this right away! If you don’t watch the viral YouTube video of officer Russel Mettke and I at weigh-ins this past Friday???! Paid him a little surprise visit today.”

What do you think?  Revenge or just a little fun?

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