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Miles Lee sharpening his tools, getting ready to work at PA Cage Fight

Whenever I talk to people that have trained with Miles Lee, they all have the same responses.  “That dude is going to be a huge problem.” “He is overloaded with skill and natural ability.”  “He has a very bright future in the fight game.”Miles Lee

Miles Lee grew up wrestling and will always have that base.  He  has helped many teammates, including Eugene “the Suitcase Kid” Aubrey prepare in fight camp to improve their take-down defense and ground skills.  In turn, they help him with learning the sport and getting his striking better everyday.  Miles trains under the keen eye of Aaron Meisner at Royal Striking and Muay Thai. Aaron knows that he has a rising star on his hands and is excited about the future for Lee.  Meisner tells me that Lee is a very good student and an eager learner.

Miles is a combination of speed and strength that can cover up for a lack of experience.  His athleticism is very similar to that of his favorite fighter, Jon Jones. Once he gets that experience, it’s on.  He has had two kickboxing fights and is 1-0 thus far in MMA.  Miles will be entering the cage on December 1 for PA Cage Fight for his second fight.  When I asked him about fighting someone without much knowledge about his opponent, he smiled as coach Aaron shouted…

“We are training to smash him in the face.”  Miles nodded with approval.  “Yes, that’s the plan.”  Check out our video interview above.  Miles is a reserved, lovable guy unless you are competing against him.  I am really looking forward to telling his story as he takes to the next chapter in his goal to become a professional mixed martial artist.

MyMMANews will be cageside at PA Cage Fight with live results and photos.


Miles Lee

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