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Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gifts for MMA Fighters

Do you have an MMA fighter on your shopping list this holiday season? These stocking stuffer ideas are sure to help keep your athlete holly-jolly this season. . . even if they are cutting weight and a little hangry. Here are a few great stocking stuffer-sized gifts for MMA fighters, to show that you care.

Title Hand Wraps

Hand wraps do not last forever, which is something fighters often forget. Surprise your fighter with a new, fresh smelling pair of hand wraps, void of bacteria and degrading velcro. Title Boxing is of the most trusted brands in MMA and Boxing gear. Check out creative designs on their printed Mexican hand wraps, traditional solid colors or even quick wraps! Title has many other MMA gifts and holiday sets to choose from as well.

Receptra Naturals CBD Oil

Fighters get hit in the head a lot. There is no way around it. Show you care, but getting your fighter pure CBD hemp oil from Receptra Naturals. CBD has been patented as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant which means it has the potential to help protect those precious brain cells. High-level professional MMA fighters like Bas Rutten, Curtis Blaydes, Ian Heinisch and Randa Markos all tout the benefits of Receptra CBD oil, which has a whole line specifically dedicated to athletes and people with a highly active lifestyle. Sign up to receive Receptra Naturals exclusive discounts on CBD MMA gifts this holiday season.

Power Plus Mouthguard

Staying on the theme of protecting your fighter, Power Plus Mouthguard has done a lot of research to find the best way to reduce concussions. This company uses an innovative bottom mouth guard to keep the brain jiggle to a minimum. This mouth guard is arguably the most comfortable on the market. Purchase the mold kit online and stick it in your fighter’s stocking. Send it in for a custom mouth guard like no other.

S2Activewear Spatz

Workout clothes are also perishable items. Help your fighter go into the new year looking and feeling good with a pair of unique spatz (leggings) from S2Activewear. They aren’t kidding when they say one-size-fits-all. From flyweights to heavyweights, these spatz look great on all body types. They are thick, which makes them ideal for combat sports weather your fighter is kickboxing or grappling. Roll them up and they should fit just fine in any normal size stocking, making them a great option for when deciding on stocking stuffer gifts for MMA fighters.

Stitch Premium Tape

This is not your average medical tape from the local drug store. Developed with the fighter in mind, world-famous cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran designed Stitch Premium Tape to meet all combat sport needs. It is water resistant to avoid soaking up sweat, highly adhesive, but easy to remove without pulling on skin or hair. Stitch Premium Tape is also easy-to-tear. Serrated edges help in getting the tape on and off without hassle for both professional competition and training practice. Catch Stitch wrapping actor Michael B Jordan’s hands with Sitch Premium Tape in the new movie “Creed II.”

Defense Soap

It is easy to just pretend that those mats are perfectly clean. But the truth is that there is a lot of funk in the gym that can quickly become a problem without proper care. Luckily Defense Soap bars fit perfectly in any stocking. Encouraging your fighter to use Defense Soap after every practice could keep the gross skin microbes at bay. There are four different types of soap offered by the brand. If you are feeling festive, we recommend the peppermint scent!

EPIC Bar Snacks

So the giant candy canes and boxes of chocolates are great for normal people, but food gifts for MMA fighters may need to be re-evaluated. This is especially true if your fighter is actively cutting weight. Don’t try and feed someone who is trying to eat very healthy. That is a fast way to see the true meaning of the word “Hangry.” EPIC Bar snacks such as meat bars, snack strips and jerky are a great way to satisfy the carnivorous MMA fighter. They also have great-tasting performance protein bars made with minimal ingredients such as eggs and dates.

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for MMA Fighters

On the surface, some fighters may seem tough to shop for. The key is to imagine yourself in their smelly, hungry and sore world for just a moment. Hopefully, these suggestions of gifts for MMA fighters help you out a little.

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