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MyMMArijuanaChronicles: Eaton Hemp CEO – Bryan D’Alessandro

In an age where the hemp plant has become the hottest alternative for natural health, the field of competition is as fierce as ever. Sifting through the brands that’s #1 priority is improving their customers health, can be quite a task. After all, CBD is everywhere now. From gas stations to mom and pop shops, all the way to medical dispensaries, you can find “CBD” anywhere. You just need to put in the time to find a reputable and quality brand. As it holds true in all food, goods and services…Nothing will ever beat a quality product!

Enter Eaton Hemp into the CBD market!

“For us its really about leveraging the power of the hemp plant you know, in CBD form. To help people to take their own health back into their own hands. It’s really important for us to have people feel empowered. To be responsible for their own health and wellness and we’re going to continue to provide products that help you to do that.” Eaton Hemp CEO Bryan D’Alessandro says.

Eaton Hemp and their team have spent an immense amount of time making sure their product can go toe-to-toe with the best of them. Eaton Hemp is “Farmer owned. We’re 100% Organic” D’Alessandro says. “Organic was a big one for us. In this case I think it’s really important. So, whether you’re looking at our product or others…Look for organic. It’s a great safe-guard as of right now.”

Getting into the particulars of Eaton Hemp’s CBD products, “We are unfiltered and full spectrum“, D’Alessandro says. Continuing with, “We try to honor the plant as a whole plant and don’t try to outsmart it! We don’t go into a lab and try to extract. You have different distillates and isolates that, in a lab, taking out just the CBD molecules. There’s a whole range of stuff happening in CBD that’s working to cause anti-inflammation characteristics it’s helping for recovery and all these other amazing things. The terpene profile that goes along with the CBD is really important. So, we keep that full spectrum and profile terpenes in the product. We’re not adding any other terpenes back in. And as an after thought, we’re taking it how nature intended it.”

Eaton Hemp CBD Products Offered- Tinctures-

“We kept it really simple.” D’Alessandro says. “We came out with a line of tinctures that uses our own hemp seed oil.” D’Alessandro continues by sharing a fun fact about Eaton Hemp, in which they use their own hemp seed oil in their tinctures opposed to MCT or olive oils. The purpose of the carrier oil being where the fat content carries into the blood steam. Which in turn helps “maximize this entourage effect where you’re getting the full benefit of the plant.” He says. Reiterating, “The oils we have, their sublingual. You put them under your tongue. We have a regular strength and an extra strength.

-CBD Salve-

“Our salve is, think about it as a large stick that you rub on. It’s the new version of what benga used to be, right? (Laughs) “Uses the same full spectrum, organic hemp seed oil with CBD in there. And on top of that, we’ve infused…We’ve made our own infusions, we’re not just adding something in. In our oil, we use arnica and birch bark. They’re amazing for their healing properties! For anti bruising, for recovery and soreness. And black birch has the same components that’s used as aspirin. So, its these natural medicines that work really well together. That one, I think is the best for pre and post workout.” He concludes.

If you or anyone you now is in the CBD market, D’Allesandro extends the promo code of “MMA30” which gives you 30% off of your order at wwwEatonHempCBD.com. Eaton Hemp CBD sweetens the deal by offerering you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not satisfied. What do you have to lose?

Tune in above for another edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles as Eaton Hemp CEO Bryan D’Alessandro joins us to discuss their latest line of USDA organic CBD products. We chat about the stigma of cannabis rapidly diminishing. We also discuss their sponsored fighter and friend, Glory kickboxer Elvis Gashi and so much more!

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