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MyMMArijuanaChronicles ft. David Cummings: “They would’ve kept taking L’s against me that night”

High Rollerz BJJ continues to grow with every event they host. Between random UFC champion sightings, to Grammy-nominated superstar Wiz Khalifa, you never know who you’re going to run into.

With each event, they have a running theme. Just a few months ago, they hosted “Ladies Night,” featuring grappling greats such as Jessica “Evil” Eye, Valerie Wong, and Gillian “Savage” Robertson. They’ve also hosted events such as “Cops vs Stoners” and the “Steel City Open” (in Pittsburgh, PA.

On November 13th, High Rollerz presented “War Games.” A grappling event solely dedicated to the serviceman of our country. With a multitude of military branches facing off against the other, HRHQ was packed with the countries bravest, between Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force.

David Cummings is a Navy veteran, BJJ purple belt, and winner of the “War Games” purple belt-170lb round-robin tournament.

Taking out everyone in his bracket, Cummings had a clean sweep in his 3-man-tournament while being awarded a trophy-bong (water pipe) after each win.

Cummings biggest foe of the evening wasn’t one of his opponents, however. It was with combat sports practitioner-comedian/actor, Renato Laranja (Rhasaan Orange). You could hear the two BJJ veterans jawing off on several occasions in a friendly manner that played brilliantly into the persona of Orange’s alter-ego/character, “Laranja.”

“You got this Navy dude over here about to kick these guys’ ass. And he knew it and he didn’t want it. He was over here in an army jacket, I think he had a relative or somebody that was a marine or in the army. So, I think it was all team mentality. He was team army/team navy. And he didn’t want nothing to do with the navy. He should’ve lined up more army guys, more marines because they would’ve kept taking L’s against me that night,” Cummings said with a playful tone. “That’s what that was all about,” Cummings clarified with a laugh.

Tune in above to hear from High Rollerz winner, David Cummings on his experience at High Rollerz, his time in the Navy. Cummings discusses why he utilizes cannabis, explains his comedic banter with Laranja, and being forced to leave some of his awards behind with family in the latest edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles. Brought to you as always by our good friends at

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