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MyMMArijuanaChronicles ft. Kat Noy Nelson: “For me, it’s medicine. It’s my medicine”

Fighter, business owner of Black Lab Organics, model and cannabis lover; Kat Noy Nelson is a woman that wears many hats in her pursuit of happiness.

Like many other Americans, Nelson struggles with anxiety and depression issues. However, the 25-year-old refuses to let it define her or put a barrier between her and her passionate goals.

Adding her daily vigorous MMA training schedule and recovery into the equation, it becomes quite evident to see why Nelson has taken to the all-natural cannabis plant. Nelson makes no apologies for utilizing medicinal cannabis in her daily regimen.

“The reason why I started using it, not just being an athlete but before (I started fighting), I just had a really rough, abusive childhood”, Nelson says. “It not only helps you, physically. You don’t feel the aches and the pains! But also mentally,” she emphasizes. “I’ve had anxiety and depression problems, bi-polar…” continuing with “it really helps soothe the mind. It helps me collect myself.”

As CBD made its way as a “go-to” natural option for stress and pain relief, a gate was opened for athletes and all-natural health enthusiasts to explore the capabilities of the cannabis plant. With the little time, CBD and medical marijuana have been a considerably accepted option, a lot of fighters are slowly but surely getting on board. With the hope of helping fatigue, anxiety, and so many other ailments, the MMA community is finally scratching the surface of the benefits of the cannabis plant.

Taking the initiative to spread awareness, Nelson says, “Being an athlete, I want to help inspire and motivate other athletes to use THC and CBD products.”

Tune in above to hear the full episode of MyMMArijuanaChronicles featuring MMA fighter, ring card girl, entrepreneur, model- Kat Noy Nelson. We discuss her experience with cannabis. She discusses taking the rest of the year off from fighting to fine-tune her BJJ and fighting next year. We chat about her latest endeavor, Black Lab Organics, her all-natural dog treat business. She also shares a bit about her OnlyFans page where her fans that want to see “a little more” can gladly pay for it.

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