Olga Rubin buggy choke Invicta FC 53

Olga Rubin submits Claire Guthrie with a buggy choke at Invicta FC 53 - Photo by Dave Mandel for Invicta FC

Olga Rubin lands first ever buggy choke submission finish in Invicta FC – WATCH

“Big Bad” Olga Rubin made Invicta Fighting Championship history tonight at Invicta FC 53 after she became the first fighter to secure a “buggy choke” submission win since the promotion’s inception more than 10 years ago.

Rubin, who was born in Moscow, Russia, and now fights out of London, England, submitted Claire Guthrie in the co-main event on May 3 in Denver, Colorado.

Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp confirmed the victory was the first of its kind in her promotion’s tenured history.

The buggy choke works when you are on the bottom in side control. Turning towards your opponent, you lock up your arm behind the same side knee/calf and then lock up a triangle with your legs. It is basically a triangle choke, just done with an arm and a leg combination.

Unlike some of the moves that we commonly use in jiu-jitsu, the buggy choke is not exactly invented by someone who is a notable icon in the sport. Instead, the buggy choke is said to have been developed by a white belt. Austin Hardt of Ralph Gracie California invented the buggy choke. The Ruotolo brothers, Tye and Kade, have become known for this submission hold, pulling it off against high level grapplers.

Invicta FC’s first show was on April 28, 2012.

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