Online Casino Sponsorships In MMA

Online Casino Sponsorships In MMA

Online wagers and sports have been a match since forever, arguably the world of fighting has long helped the line of sports wagers and vice versa. It’s no surprise that athletes competing in modern MMA and other sports are receiving online casino sponsorships. In today’s article, we go over Online Casino Sponsorships with regard to MMA fighters, A brief history into the sport of MMA and also a brief history in the history of sports betting.


Online Casino Sponsorships

In today’s world celebrities and sports persons alike no longer have to face the scrutiny of being identified with gambling. Even just a few years back, the move would have been an unpopular one. Online casinos generally offer sports betting on their site, without a shadow of a doubt it makes perfect sense for such sites to want to promote their business and what better way to promote your online casino than to gain popularity through brand endorsement. Throughout history, we have seen the likes of Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor and Tim Barnett be endorsed by online sports betting sites. Let’s take a look at Connor Mcgregor for instance, who has recently made news when he featured in an ad for Parimatch. Parimatch had even announced “The Notorious” as its brand ambassador! In 2018 the Irish man had a 2-year personal endorsement contract with the Cyprus based operator, which also scored a deal with the UFC to become the official wagering partner for all fights. Brand endorsements have been a proven way to build trust between businesses and fans. Add to that the effect of casino apps which have made sports wagers even easier and accessible from your smartphone whenever you want. With just a few taps you can start wagering on who you think will win the next fight!  (source:


Brief History Of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the largest and most exciting sports on the planet! This hasn’t always been the case with the sport not so long ago shunned upon and widely banned. So how exactly did MMA get to the world-renowned sport it is today? Well, I would say through Blood Sweat and Tears .. literally. So what is Mixed Martial Arts? Put simply it’s competition between different styles of fighting using techniques from boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, Judo, Karate and many other disciplines. Initially known as a brutal battleground sport with no rules it’s no surprise it was banned for so long. You can actually trace MMA back to 648 BCE Ancient Olympic Games called pankration. Where rules only stated you couldn’t bite or gouge someone’s eyes out. That did not really help competitors, with some cases ending so brutal they ended up with dead competitors. Hence the games were later banned in 393 CE. Fast forward to the ’60s and 70’s Bruce Lee or as many call him “The Godfather of MMA” he helped popularise the thought of fighting with more than one style of combat in your arsenal. Fast forward again to the ’90s with the Brazilian Gracie Brothers. Helio and Carlos trademarked Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Helio’s son Royce Gracie showcased the family’s fighting skills in a tournament hosted in Denver Colorado.. UFC 1. UFC is short for the UltimateFighting Champion and has recently become the leading promoter for MMA events. No surprise with the great fighter signings they make every year.


A Brief History of Sports Betting

Sports betting has long been attached to popular sports. The Early Olympics weren’t just home to the start of MMA but also you guessed it sports wagers! The greeks were known to place sports wagers, unfortunately for them, they didn’t have the casino and betting apps we have today, but you have to start from somewhere right. Although we have no official start date for sports betting it is known to have been common practice among the Greeks. We do have an official start of the first bookmakers’ doe. During the industrial revolution, horse betting was organised by bookmakers. Super popular during the 16th and 17th centuries among the aristocracy and the landed gentry. In reality, only horse owners were allowed to bet on the results of the private races. Really one can’t mention horse racing and gambling without Charles II coming up, a man who largely popularised horse racing by not only making them more ambitious but also attracting huge crowds and more importantly bets! Allowing innkeepers and pub owners to become the promoters of such events eventually led to them naturally becoming the first bookmakers.



Sports wagering and gambling have come a long way from ancient Greece to the industry it is today. Along with it, so did the popular sport of combat and mixed martial arts. Some would say an unbreakable bond was formed many years ago! Today sports betting has not only become easier through the likes of online casinos as apps are able to take and offer bets from all over the world. It is still very much connected to the sport with wagers as well as sponsorships with major names in many different sports.




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