Oversized transport

Oversized transport: what you need to know

Oversized transport needs special treatment. Using oversized transport requires a lot of knowledge of laws, permissions, and documents. It is important not to forget anything, check all details and prepare all necessary documents before transportation. Professionals from Globalink Logistics are ready to help to handle everything any time you require. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about oversized transport and it’s transportation.

What is oversized load transport?

The term “oversized load transport” means vehicle that exceed the standard size limits for transportation in terms of length, weight, width, or height. However, there is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes large and heavy transport within a particular mode of transportation.

To understand if your transport is considered as an oversized one, you need to check transport classification in your region and places you plan to pass by. Every jurisdiction has its own road safety rules and, according to them, transport could be classified as overloaded. These rules can also be different in each season and weather condition, whether it is cold, hot, wet etc.

Weight, length and height influence classification of vehicle. Depending on dimensions and rules, specialists can regulate types of your transport. You can find out whether your transport is classified as oversized or not just by measuring a vehicle and checking the rules.

How to know if your load is considered oversized

First of all you need to check all the rules that regulate transportations and safety on roads in your country or region. Usually, weight restrictions are applied on a per-axle basis. As much as weight, size is also important. So, you can try to measure the height, length, and width of your transport. Due to big dimensions, you may need special equipment and some help with measuring, so think about it in advance.

Knowing the total weight of your vehicle, size of all dimensions, you can find out a classification of your transport according to road safety regulations. Of course, some situations may be controversial and you may need help from experts to classify your transport. They can measure it with special equipment. Professionals from Global move will help you with that.

Oversize load transport regulations

An oversized load is a specific type of vehicle that exceeds the typical size and weight of vehicles commonly seen on the road. To ensure the safety of all road users and equal access to national highways, certain regulations are applied to each type of loads.

There are certain regulations and limitations for oversized loads, including specific requirements for their size limits and other restrictions, such as:

  • restrictions on travelling at night;
  • special speed limits;
  • requirement of warning lights for all oversize loads on the front, back, and sides;
  • weight limits.

Of course, oversize load transport regulations vary in different countries. When selecting a vehicle and route, it is important to consider the weight of the cargo, particularly in Ukraine and other former USSR countries. This is because the majority of their bridges and roads were constructed in the 1960s, and a lot of them are not designed to support extremely heavy loads.

What to consider when choosing the best oversize load transport company

Obviously, the most important factor during choosing the best load transport company is safety. Search for the experience of the company and whether real professionals work there. Find out what type of goods the company can transport. Globalink Logistics offers transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, dry, bulk and liquid things, dangerous goods and many others. It is important to consider what territories the company works on. Check if the company works in countries where your stuff is located and where it needs to be delivered.

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