Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett calls for rematch with ‘dog s**t’ Jared Gordon from hospital bed: ‘He only done well because me ankle was f****d’

Paddy Pimblett is looking to run it back with Jared Gordon.

Pimblett and Gordon served as the co-main event of UFC 282 in December with ‘The Baddy’ winning a controversial decision. It was a lackluster fight, but one Pimblett revealed he injured his ankle which he says really impacted his performance.

“When I told [doctors] it happened in the first round of a fight, within the first minute, and they said, ‘Oh, did you fight finish there,’ and I was like, ‘No, I’d done another two and a half rounds,’ they went, ‘What?’” Pimblett said on his YouTube channel (h/t MMAFighting). “They said, ‘You should’ve just sat on your stool and not have carried on fighting.’ I said, ‘Are you mad? You think I’m some p****?’ People are like, ‘Oh, Jared Gordon did so well.’ He only done well because me ankle was f*****. You stupid t***. And he’s just being a bitter little girl, going on every interview site, ‘Oh, I won that fight, I won that fight.’ Well lad, Joe Solecki beat you [in 2021] but you got a split decision, so shut your mouth.”

With Paddy Pimblett not happy with his performance, he makes it clear he wants to run it back once he is healthy. In the video, Pimblett was in the hospital after having surgery on his ankle.

Yet, Gordon is set to take on Bobby Green on April 22, Pimblett says as long as Gordon wins, he wants to run it back to prove how much better he is.

“Yeah, I want to punch his head in toward the end of the year,” Pimblett responded. “I am going to run it back. I hope he beats Bobby Green, because I’ll snap his arm for him in a round. Had a boxing match with him and I still won, because you’re s**t. I hope he watched this. You’re f*****g dog s**t. At my worst, you couldn’t beat me at your best. Injured, everything going wrong, and you couldn’t beat me on my worst day, and I beat you on your best, because you’re a little bum.”

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