Paul Malignaggi Expresses Interest in Boxing Jason Knight

Paul Malignaggi Expresses Interest in Boxing Jason Knight

Paul Malignaggi is open to a match with BKFC 9 winner, Jason Knight. Knight, who finished Artem Lobov in the last BKFC event had expressed interest in facing Malignaggi under boxing rules since Malignaggi walked away from his own match with Lobov feeling robbed. Malignaggi lost a decision via unanimous decision at BKFC 6 but managed to go all five rounds after having broken his hand in round two.

While Knight and Lobov are 1-1 in BKFC, earning a finish can squash any argument for a third bout between the two. In his post to Malignaggi, Knight offered to face him under boxing rules even though he has never fought as a pro boxer before.

“What do you think about a boxing fight?” Knight asked Malignaggi and despite the lack of pro boxing experience added, he thinks he can, “school” Malignaggi in his own game.

Today, Malignaggi responded saying, “I wouldn’t mind this promotion one bit.” While he added some colorful comments about the MMA fan base and media, he commended Knight’s style saying, “Knight comes to fight.”

In the current era of combat sports where two YouTube personalities can main event a boxing card with even less experience than Knight, it is not too far-fetched with both parties interested. For some reason, fans love to hate on Malignaggi but when he made his BKFC debut, he was the one, stepping out of his comfort zone into the world of bare-knuckle boxing.

With both men interested, all that is missing is a promotion that can afford to get them in a ring. In the meantime, Jim Alers would seem like the next likely opponent for Knight, but Lobov said at the end of the night for BKFC 9, he would be down for a rematch.

Is a boxing match between Malignaggi and Knight something fans want to see?

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