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PFL 3 Media Day

PFL 3 Media Day quotes (Justin Willis and Mariana Morais)

PFL 3 Media Day took place ahead of Thursday, May 6th as the 2021 season continues. This card emanates from Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Professional Fighters League broadcasts on ESPN + and ESPN 2.

The heavyweights and the women’s lightweights are the prominently featured fighters in this event.

PFL 3 Media Day

I spoke with Justin Willis ahead of his first heavyweight contest of the PFL season this calendar year. Also, I spoke with Mariana Morais who takes on the last lightweight season champion Kayla Harrison in the co-main event.

Justin Willis

I’m just kind of curious about your thoughts on your opponent here, Denis Goltsov. They just had a good run in general with the PFL season in 2019.

I’m curious if you’ve done specific tape study on those PFL bouts and if so what your thoughts are on your opponent’s stylistic proclivities?

“I mean, he’s tall. He’s rangy. He has decent mobility. He just hasn’t fought anybody like me, man. Period, you know. If the guy is gonna come forward, bang, wrestle. Whatever he wants to do, we can do it. So yes, I have watched the film but I don’t want to give away too many secrets… I can’t tell you the recipe.”

Mariana Morais

I’m just noticing for Mariana (Morais), she’s competed from flyweight all the way up to featherweight. Noticing these last couple bouts being at lightweight.

I’m sort of curious how Mariana feels competing as a lightweight as opposed to her experience in prior weight categories?

“Yes, as you’ve said, I’ve fought in pretty much all of the weight classes. And at first it was a little bit of a challenge. Just being able to pack enough muscle. But I don’t really see that much of a difference. The only difference is in power. That’s not something I focus too much on. I’ve been working out diligently over the past year. I’m ready to reap the benefits.”

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