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Popular bingo rewards

The funny thing about the monumentally popular game of bingo is that it is still largely forgotten about by quite a lot of people, even though it is more widely played than some incredibly famous casino games such as poker. Oh yes, that’s right, many people are surprised when they learn about how popular bingo is in the 21st century, however you only have to look at things like online bingo and the new rise of bingo club nights to see why. 

The great thing about bingo is that for many of us we would have played it before in school, so there is no great need to read up on the rules and teach yourself how to play. Of course, bingo is also a relatively simple gambling game to play, hence why it has become so popular over such a large demographic range. Whilst bingo rewards aren’t usually anything like what you can win at online slots, for example, they can still be pretty good. Keep reading to find out some of the most common bingo rewards from an online bingo website.

Sliding jackpot bingo rewards 

Sliding jackpot bingo is definitely one of the most popular common bingo rewards, and it has got especially popular as a result of the rise of online bingo. With a bingo sliding jackpot the ultimate bingo reward can vary quite a lot in size, as it “slides” in relation to a variety of things such as how many bingo players are in the game at once, or the actual winning number combination. 

One of the most common examples of the sliding jackpot bingo reward is with online bingo, because most online bingo operators will dramatically reduce their bingo prizes at times like the early morning because they know there won’t be as many people playing. 

Prize bingo 

Whilst online bingo rewards are almost always concerned with some kind of cash prize, bingo games played at places like schools or resort complexes can often offer a different variety of prizes as the bingo reward. Prize bingo can be more exciting for this very reason, because something like an exciting toy is a lot more fun to try and win than just a bit of money. 

Don’t expect to win anything too huge from a bingo reward in the shape of a physical prize, however, as these are more often than not consigned to relatively small things. 

Progressive jackpot bingo rewards 

Any slots fans will know exactly what we mean by a progressive jackpot, and the great news is that this type of prize is also available in bingo too. For anyone who doesn’t know, a progressive jackpot is one that increases with each loss, in this case with each losing bingo scorecard. 

Progressive jackpot bingo rewards are the hardest to win by far, however the cash prize bingo reward more than makes up for this, as they can be absolutely massive. 

Nightclub bingo rewards 

In the 21st century bingo club nights are getting more and more popular, and at these bingo players can win rewards such as a free drink.

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