Ring of Combat 63 results - Bill Algeo

Ring of Combat 63 results – Bill Algeo, Phil Caracappa defend belts, Perez, Facchini and Buenafuente impressive finishes

Ring of Combat 63 results from the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City Showroom in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The event took  June 8, 2018.

“Senor Perfecto” Bill Algeo was thrilled just to be fighting at ROC 63.  At the previous event, Algeo found out 10 minutes before he was to start his walk out to the cage that his opponent, Tevin Cooke, was sick and the commission pulled him from the championship bout. Senor Perfecto and his legion of fans wouldn’t have to go through that again as Bill lined up across the cage from Serra-Longo prospect James ” Speedy” Gonzalez Friday night in the main event at Louis Neglia and Dead Serious’s Ring of Combat 63.

Round 1 was extremely entertaining as both fighters exchanged combinations that landed.  Gonzalez slipped a high kick and took Algeo’s back.  Algeo remained calm and fought off the rear naked choke attempt and then he rolled to his back and gave up the mount.  Algeo then leaked out and scored the reverse.  The fight wound up back on the feet.  Algeo lands a jab-cross and then a quick level change for a double-leg takedown followed by some ground and pound.  Non-stop action.

Round 2 Algeo comes out throwing everything in the book, landing with knees, standing cross elbows. Gonzalez showing huge heart, fighting back.  With about a minute left in the round, Algeo did have to defend a couple of arm-bar attempts from the slick Gonzalez. Algeo clearly in control of this fight at the end of the round.

Round 3 Algeo is eerily calm and keeping his hands down at some points encouraging Speedy to attack, so that he can counter.  Algeo controls the entire round and you can see how confident in his stand-up that he is. He uses a variety of attacks and finishes strong to retain his title. 30-27 29-28 29-28 for the unanimous decision.

Phil ” the Hitman” Caracappa 135 lb defending champion vs Miguel Restepo

Round 1 Caracappa is looking to stand and strike despite his high level wrestling. Brian Wright has really been a great influence on his kick-boxing.  He looks fluid and like he has a plan.  Phil does score with a takedown and when Restep does get up, is doing a lot of back-pedaling not wanting to exchange.

Round 2 The Hitman comes out attacking and scoring with heavy legkicks, then a big kick to the body.  Caracappa is winning almost every exchange. Late in the round, Phil does secure a takedown and finishes on top at the bell.  A complete effort thus far.

Round 3 Caracappa once again is winning the battle of exchanges early on then scores a take down.  Restepo is able to wriggle free and lands a huge up-kick that stuns the champ.  Caracappa recovers but has to fight off some ground strikes and a submission attempt for much of the final round. Caracappa scores 29-28 on all judges scorecards for the win.

Frankie Perez vs Jerome Mickle 155 lbs

The UFC veteran, Perez is the aggressor from the opening bell.  Mickle tries to counter and Perez goes in for the double leg, quickly moves to mount and then Mickle gave up his back and Frankie gets the tap via RNC at 3:39 of round 1. Smooth and executed perfectly.

Frankie ” the Preying Mantis” Buenafuente vs Mike Lawrence

After feeling each other out for the first minute or so, Buenafuente hit Lawrence with a 1-2 combination that rocked him.  He left his neck exposed and the Preying Mantis locked on a standing guillotine that was so tight, it would have made Dan Miller proud. The tap by Lawrence came at 2:23 of the 1st round.

BJ Young vs Josh Rohler 145 lbs

Both fighters showing good wrestling and sprawls. Young gets the takedown and Rohler escapes.  Rohler gets his chance and scores on the double leg and then makes a quick transition and is able to lock in a very tight body triangle.  Rohler then tees off and is pounding Young with rights.  Referee halts the fight.  TKO victory for Josh Rohler at 3:39 of round 1.  A huge win for Rohler as he moves to 5-2 while handing Young his first career defeat.  He was 7-0 as an amateur and 3-0 as a pro before tonight. Both fighters have bright futures.

Sambet Naimanbayev vs Anthony ” the Parmesian” Facchini  150 lbs

Close round 1 with some boxing and clinching.  Naimanbayev scores a takedown and some ground strikes.  Probably enough to win the round.  Round 2 Naimanbayev with another takedown, but a quick reversal from ‘the Parmesian” led to him passing guard to mount and then slid off and grabbed the neck and locked up a slick darce choke at 3:32 of the 2nd round

Josh Baker vs Sebastian Ruiz  135 lbs  Baker came out the aggressor and was scoring early and often.  Ruiz wasn’t really throwing , just playing mostly defense.  Maybe he was getting his opponents timing down because when he finally struck, he had bad intentions as a roundhouse kick landed squarely on the left side of his opponents head and the fight was over just like that.  1:57 of round 1 TKO victory for Sebastian Ruiz

Gil Patrocino vs Will Calhoun 155 lbs

Patrocino out of Carnicella MMA dominated all 3 rounds with his wrestling and brute strength. He had a couple of nice slams to go along with his ground and pound.  Calhoun showed great heart just to make it to the final bell.  30-26 30-26 30-27 for Patrocino

Mario Hernandez wins by RNC over Chris Disonell at 44 seconds of round 3  140 lbs


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