Royce Gracie Ragdolled by World’s Strongest Man

Legendary mixed martial artist Royce Gracie posted a video to Instagram of him getting manhandled or ragdolled by one of the world’s strongest men.

“Working out (having fun) with @robertoberst world strongest man” was the caption to the video Gracie posted which shows the two having fun.

Robert Oberst is a relative newcomer to the sport of strongman having competed in his first contest as a pro only one and a half  years ago.  Once turning pro, however, Oberst has quickly made his way into the higher ranks of the sport with an impressive win at the MetRx Odd Haugen Strength Challenge last summer and a top ten finish in the 2013 World’s Strongest Man.  The long-bearded Californian is known inside the sport as the holder of the American record in the log lift, for his habit of wearing pink whenever possible (to represent his mother’s battle with breast cancer), and for his prodigious appetite.

Before heading to China for the World’s Strongest Man Contest, Oberst told a reporter, “I eat three-and-a-half pounds of meat a day, six cups of rice, a bunch of pasta, and no cheese or dairy. It’s just all high protein, low fat stuff.”  As for his long term goals, Oberst continued, “All I want is to the strongest man to ever walk the earth.”

Before competing in strongman, Robert played football and then worked security for a night club/concert hall. He was introduced to the sport by a friend who competed as an amateur.  Reported Robert, “The first time I ever touched a log, I broke the amateur record.  I then asked him, ‘Is that good?’  He told me to ‘piss off,’ but I was hooked after that day.”


Age: 28

Height: 203 cm/6‘8“

Weight: 410 pounds/186 kilos


Contest History & Records:

First Place, Giants Live Las Vegas,  2013

First Place Odd Haugen’s US Open MAS Wrestling Championship, 2013

Third Place All-American Strongman Challenge, 2013

Sixth Place Giants Live British Open, 2013

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