Sam A and Prajanchai

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Sam-A and Prajanchai on their ONE: Battleground Muay Thai Title Bout

Sam-A Gaiyanghadao vs Prajanchai PK Saenchai is the ONE: Battleground main event in an elite ONE Super Series showcase.

ONE Championship presents this Strawweight Muay Thai world title bout with Sam-A and Prajanchai in the champion and challenger roles, respectively.

This contest goes down on Friday, July 30th, and emanates from Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Sam-A and Prajanchai

I spoke with both of these strawweight Muay Thai warriors, with the aid of translators, at the ONE: Battleground media day. Transcriptions from my interactions with these combatants can be found below.

Sam-A excerpt

I was speaking to Prajanchai the other night and as someone who’s had hundreds of fights, he was saying that you were right up there with the best fighters he’s taken on.

And it seems like Sam-A has a similar sentiment…Hundreds of fights himself and he sees Prajanchai as being very dangerous.

Thoughts on the mutual respect that’s going into this fight and just that true ethos of martial arts?

“Even Prajanchai mentioned that he did several hundreds of fights compared to me. It’s quite similar of what he has done in Thailand. Same as me. But however, I feel like I might have experience that can be used from legendary Muay Thai athletes. So I think this is also my advantage over him in this fight.”

A few times it has been mentioned the experience with having the four-ounce gloves. And this being Prajanchai’s first time in the smaller gloves.

Does Sam-A think there’s going to be some defensive holes he can exploit with the guard being that there is going to be variances with the smaller gloves?

“I think all of the fans will see something happen on this Friday, of course. Because as I mentioned, I get used to using the small gloves and then I know how to use this very well. For several fights that I’ve competed in ONE Championship. And then for Prajanchai, he might get a little bit of, maybe a mistake. Of how to defend himself while using the small gloves compared to me.”

Prajanchai excerpt

Debuting in the ONE Circle in a main event title fight. But heading into this, you’ve been a multi-time Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai champion and held titles in gloved boxing as well.

Where would the ONE strawweight Muay Thai championship rank should you get the ideal outcome here in terms of total career accomplishments?

“I’m not nervous at all coming into this fight. I’m confident. It wouldn’t make any difference in fighting in a rope ring or in a cage. I guarantee that it will be a good fight.”

You have such a deep resume with around 400 Muay Thai bouts.

I’m kind of wondering where does Sam-A Gaiyanghadao rank in terms of the literal hundreds of opponents you’ve fought in your Muay Thai career?

“I would say he would be one of the top-ranking for me. Or maybe the number one ranking that I have to fight. He is going to be one that is very hard to handle. And it’s due to his experience and all he’s been through.”

Your opponent Sam-A is an acclaimed warrior across two sports. You’re an acclaimed Muay Thai champion and held championships within boxing as well.

Is there any kind of desire to compete within multiple combat disciplines in ONE Championship?

“I’m very interested if there’s an opportunity. I will be interested because I think it’s a good opportunity. Back then I already had fights in amateur boxing (and) in professional boxing.”

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