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Sam Creasey calls for UFC shot following title defense at Cage Warriors 142

Cage Warriors Flyweight world champion Sam Creasey and Lenny from MyMMANews sit down to talk about his title defense and what’s next.

Sam Creasey (16-4) successfully defended his belt vs. Stipe Brčić at Cage Warriors 142 via high-arm guillotine in the first round. Creasey dropped his opponent in the first minute of the fight before grabbing on to the Croatian’s neck and forcing him to tap.

Creasey made history becoming the first Cage Warriors flyweight champion to defend the belt:

“It’s a great feeling. A bit of history for me and it’s great to be back in the win column.”

A short night at the office for Creasey, heading into the fight the Englishmen thought it would go hard 5 rounds:

“I expected to land some shots, but I didn’t expect to land the shot that led up to the ending scenario. I was prepared for five hard rounds, that’s what we have been doing in the gym for past weeks. I didn’t expect to get the finish that early, it just shows the level that I’m at. Sometimes I underestimate my own ability, but I have it in me to put anyone away very quickly.”

In my opinion, this is Creasey best performance to date and it showed. What was his own assessment of his performance?

“It was a little surreal. You never expect a victory to go quite that well. I’ve had good wins before, but I’ve never had zero damage to myself coming out of a fight at all. My first shot pretty much signaled the end. This is my best victory to date, as much of the win and the matter of how i won. It was also the pressure that was on me before the fight, coming off a loss and being out for a long time and people questioning my legacy as the champion. I believe this is my finest victory to date.

I feel really good about my performance, I’m usually really critical about my fights and I like to break-down my fights and see my mistakes because I always want to improve. With a victory like that it’s impossible for me to do so, everything we practiced I did better than we imagined.”

After the fight Creasey called for his shot inside the UFC and believes he should be in the promotion already:

“I don’t think I can do a better performance than that to get noticed by the UFC, I’ve been fighting for a long time and I’ve been ready for a long time. I think this performance should get me in there now.

There is nothing wrong with me at the moment, I didn’t get hit. Anything last minute from the UFC comes along I’m ready.

With the title around my waist and with my last victory they have to be looking at my direction now. I’ve trained with Jake (Hadley) a lot and a couple other UFC flyweights. I know I’m good enough to be there. That’s where I should be right now.”

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We speak in detail:
– Title defence vs. Stipe Brčić at CW 142
– Becoming first CW Flyweight champ to defend
– Evolution throughout the years
– Calling for his shot in the UFC
– How long his hair takes to plat

Thanks Sam for your time!

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