Seth Shaffer

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Seth Shaffer on anime lightning with Carlos Guerra before BYB 12

Seth Shaffer tests skills with Carlos Guerra at BYB 12: London Brawl for the BYB welterweight and Police Gazette world diamond titles on October 16th.

Shaffer appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and covered several subjects amid our chat. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Seth Shaffer

Calling out Carlos Guerra after his last fight and the feelings surrounding the bout getting locked in

“I mean, I don’t know. I don’t want to come off like I’m some kind of Mystic Mac. But I don’t know, I can read between the lines. I kind of already seen Guerra coming up. It’s kind of funny. So like BYB 8 my debut, I was the very first one in the locker; this was blue corner. He was blue corner too but I was the very first one there…Eye-to-eye connection. I don’t know if you watch anime or whatever. But when two characters have that eye-to-eye connection and they show like a little lightning bolt thing. We had like literally that moment.”

“Getting ready in my head I was like, I’m fighting this guy down the line. I didn’t know what weight class he was. Just going off my experiences seeing fighters, I could kind of figure he was in my weight class. It was weird but I don’t know, call it fate or destiny, but I kind of seen it coming. I mean, regardless of who it would have been, I just would have been happy and stoked because you know, I’m fighting for a title. Can’t be upset about that but it’s cool I’m fighting him. He’s gonna be a good fight.”

BYB 12

Parting thoughts for Seth Shaffer

“I’m still fairly young. So if people have been kind of paying attention, you should be seeing as of right now the evolving of me. I feel like I’m coming into, I guess, really being a man. You’re going to see a lot more I guess, I don’t know, more professionalism. Just try to take care. Try to take care of business, try and take care of my people, and anyone else I can help… But that’s as far as me, a person, an individual, as my character. But as far as the fight, you’re definitely not gonna want to miss that.”

“For me, I’m a fighter obviously but I also like to put into like I’m a showman. Really the show comes first. I’m definitely gonna put on a show like I’ve said before. Me, I love the limelight. I’m pretty sure a lot of people do but I feel like it gives me more than normal. Like it just gives me more energy and it just gives me more drive to just be better. I’m telling you, you’re not gonna wanna miss this fight. It’s gonna be very, very entertaining. So tune in.”

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