Sports theme in the nursery’s interior

Sports theme in the nursery’s interior

The older we get, the more we realize the importance of being fit in our lives. At a crazy pace, everyone tries to find time to flip through a sports magazine or go to the gym.

Let’s see how a healthy lifestyle can be reflected in the interior of children’s rooms, which can have a great influence on the child’s future and his attitude towards sports. And now we present interesting design options.

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Sports theme in the nursery’s interior

If your child isn’t passionate about ships and pirate adventures and he prefers playing with a ball or “flying” a bicycle, then we can help you to unobtrusively to reflect these hobbies in the interior of the boy’s room remaining it cozy and comfortable.

Bright sports stickers on the walls add originality to the room and speak of the owner’s good taste. But, as a rule, we can only see such drawings in fitness centers or small home gyms.

There are many options to style the room with a sporty theme. We can tell that bed linen, curtains, decorative pillows, rugs, and any other textiles can become a fine representation of your child’s sports preferences that can be demonstrated by sports symbolism and traditional recognizable color combinations.

Textiles are followed by images – digital prints, drawings, or murals. All sorts of sports stories or abstract color “whirlwinds” can fill the room with dynamic spatial dynamics, the energy of life, movement, and desire to win. However, here it is necessary to know when to stop since too active, intrusive images and bright colors can quickly tire or negatively affect the psychological state of the future champion.

The maximum that parents go to is to place modern paintings in the nursery. But you will soon realize that they look equally good in the bedroom and in the living room.

sports theme

Large paintings

Few dare to paint the walls in an unusual way. Since some are ardent fans, the logo of your favorite team or a photo of a sports star in the most prominent place will make the owner of the home a little happier.

Remember that the illustration should be in harmony with the general mood, complement the color scheme, and not introduce dissonance. Large and colorful frescoes look rough and awkward, especially in a small room.

If you are thinking of interesting ideas for a teenager’s room or you are just going to update the interior, then opt for black and white. As a teenager, interests often change, so choosing cool or neutral tones will save you money on the teenager’s changing tastes.

Changing over time

Very often in nurseries, we see impressive panels, made in a very challenging color scheme and decorated with bright decorative elements that eloquently convey a particular hobby.

While beautiful, it is not always practical. Children are very fickle, so soon you run the risk of seeing a bored child who is thinking about switching from football to hockey? Just add or remove symbols for the sport your child prefers.

Remember that creating a unique image means commitment, a conscious choice, at least for a while. Think before posting thematic pictures.

The design tricks below will help you transform your space and move from sporty to modern. You can change everything at any time. The only thing you need to do is remove the themed posters and decals in just a few minutes. Framed paintings are a great option for this situation.

If you want to avoid difficulties with the repair. The sticker with a football player will easily and without consequences leave the wall. This is especially true for teenagers who often change their interests.

Posters and stickers shouldn’t be always in bright colors. More discreet in color and tasteful, they will brighten up the living space.

Art installations – the touch of a ice-skate on the ice, flying on a snowboard, or the figure of a famous hockey player – can diversify the familiar environment.

Manchester United or Barcelona, Knicks or Lakers, the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup – there are many options. You can choose what your child likes and then just place the interior accessories in the right place.

You can, of course, use the traditional racing car beds and ball lights. But, do not forget that in this case, the interior will be too unambiguous, devoid of naturalness, and less flexible to changes that arise as the child grows and changes in priorities. But rings, rope, or wall bars will always remain relevant!


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