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Stellar Fights 46 recap Taylor McMahan comes out on top

Taylor McMahan - Photo provided courtesy Stellar Fights and Bobby Williams

Stellar Fights 46 recap – Taylor McMahan comes out on top

Stellar Fights returned with Stellar Fight 46 on August 28th after a hiatus lasting longer than a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Stellar Fights packed the Delaware State Fairgrounds to set a new record of attendance as well as provide an electric night filled with stoppages!

In the main event of the evening, Taylor “Pretty Boy” McMahan took out, kickboxing standout, Keenan Forsey in their MMA debut, by way of unanimous decision.  The bout was a great matchup that scored one round each, leaving the final stanza open for the taking.  McMahan opens the bout with a leg kick to head kick that narrowly misses. Keenan returns with a kick of his own. McMahan fires a superman punch off of the cage that nearly hits its target. McMahan shoots and gets a takedown while Forsey secures his neck, looking for a choke. McMahan escapes and Forsey gets back to work, firing a leg. A head kick almost lands for McMahan but Forsey slips in evasion.  McMahan pounces on Forsey, looking to capitalize on the moment.  McMahan lands in control and immediately begins searching for position. McMahan steps over to mount. And looks to unload from the top position.  Landing several blows from the top, the bell sounds to call a halt to the first round.

In the early stages of round two, Forsey cracks McMahan with a right hand to the chin that buckles “Pretty Boy” to the canvas.  McMahan scrambles for submissions while looking to avoid any punishment from Forsey. McMahan regains his guard and Forsey postures up, looking to land bombs. Taylor does an impeccable job avoiding damage from a dangerous striker as the round draws to a close.

With one round a piece for each fighter, the third round was up in the air.  McMahan does an excellent job getting the bout to the canvas quickly where he slowly but surely started gaining momentum on the scorecards.  Forsey couldn’t do much to regain composure from the disadvantaged position, as McMahan stayed heavy, clean, and crisp as he picked away to a unanimous decision.


Lewis Bruton def. Gavin McCabe via TKO.

(Doctor stoppage after round 1. McCabe doesn’t answer the bell)

Trevahn Stephens def. Dielco Souza via 2nd round KO.

Lumison Jean def Dylan Harnish via first-round TKO.

Jean wins the WKA National Featherweight Title/Stellar Fights Featherweight Title.

Kyle Sheldon def. Deauntre Smith via first-round KO.

Anthony Celozzi def. Erik Redman via Unanimous Decision.

Devon Roth def. Nick Buendo via first-round Rear Naked Choke.

Eric Urgiles def. Lance Waters via first-round Rear Naked Choke.

Thomas “The Hitman” Homier def. Thomas Salmon via Unanimous Decision.

Homier defends his WKA National lightweight and Stellar Fights lightweight championship.

Bernie Davis def. Josh Littleton via first-round TKO.

Mark Guglielmini def. Reece Ward via Majority Decision.

William Brown def. Rashad Christopher via Majority Decision.

Peter Mattoccia def. Nick Mancini via 1st round TKO.

Rosendo Leyva def. Josh Lawler via Unanimous Decision.

John Crawford def. Labreece Lee via 2nd round TKO.

(Crawford and James Mullens stare down, post-fight in the cage setting up a championship bout between the pair)

Frank Yeti def. Dale Reed via first round Arm Bar

Jaykob Smith def. Sean Hogan via first Rear Naked Choke.


Melo Gonzalez def. Carlos Rodriguez via Unanimous Decision.


Taylor “Pretty Boy” McMahan def. Keenan Forsey via Unanimous Decision.

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