Stephen Thompson

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson looks at his corner in-between rounds of a fight in 2019.

Stephen Thompson believes Conor McGregor will come back better than ever

UFC welterweight contender Stephen Thompson believes that Conor McGregor will come back better than ever after breaking his leg.

McGregor lost in the main event of UFC 264 to rival Dustin Poirier when he broke his leg near the end of the first round. It was yet another nasty injury in the Octagon, after we saw Thompson’s brother-in-law Chris Weidman break his leg against Uriah Hall at UFC 261 in April.

Speaking to MMA reporter James Lynch, Thompson was asked if he believes McGregor will ever be the same after suffering such a brutal injury. According to “Wonderboy,” not only does he think McGregor will fight again, but he believes he is going to defy the sportsbook odds and return better than ever.

“(The injury) was terrible, man. And with two in a year, you had Chris Weidman and then you had him, crazy. That was wild. To be honest with you, I saw the kick, I didn’t realize until afterward that he did have an injury prior to that, but I don’t understand why he didn’t back out and postpone it a little bit and get that thing fixed. But you get guys that can throw kicks like they do, and now people are really good at conditioning their skins and preparing for those low calf kicks, and dude’s are breaking shins. Because when you throw a low calf kick, you’re hitting with the lower part right above the foot area, and that part is not as sturdy, man, as that upper knee knuckle, the upper part of the shin, and people are snapping them. My hat’s off to Conor McGregor. I know he’s in good spirits right now. He’s healing up fast, I saw him doing upper-body workouts on social media,” Thompson said.

“It looks like McGregor’s fired up (about a comeback), man. You see him doing pull-ups and getting workouts in. He looks shredded at this point, he hasn’t gained any weight at all. When I came off of my injury after tearing every ligament in my left leg and people told me I wouldn’t be the same, it gave me the fuel and fire to train as hard as I can. I believe you’re going to see a better Chris Weidman and a better Conor McGregor when they come back.”

Do you agree with Stephen Thompson that Conor McGregor will come back better than ever?

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