Szymon Szynkiewicz

Szymon Szynkiewicz Wants “To Enjoy Every Single Round” at BKB 34

Szymon Szynkiewicz tests skills against Martyn Grainger at BKB 34 on September 16th.

The fistic fireworks emanate from Indigo at The O2 in London, England, and the broadcast goes down on beIN Sports.

Szynkiewicz spoke to me on Bowks Talking Bouts before this BKB 34 showdown. Excerpts from the chat are below.

Szymon Szynkiewicz

You’re really eyeing some big goals during this last remaining stretch of your combative career. You’re talking about how certain times it is getting harder on the body but it seems like you’re really striving for as much as you can get at cruiserweight over the next few years.

I saw an interview where you were saying you were looking at British and World titles in BKB. So what are some goals you’re looking to achieve going ahead?

“That’s the goal. It’s not easy goal. In BYB or BKB, the champions are real champions. The guys have many years of experience in boxing, ring boxing. So it’s not gonna be easy to get any of these belts from them. But my main goal actually is just to fight. Just to enjoy every single round of every single minute of the round.”

“Just to have fun. I challenge myself. Most I challenge myself, nobody else. Challenge myself with the training, challenge myself with step into the ring. Often with the younger guys or the guys with the huge experience of fighting experience. So that’s the biggest challenge for me and the biggest achievement to actually stand up and do my best.”

Photo Credits:  BYB Extreme / Pawel Drazkowski

BKB 34

As we’re talking about this next opponent at BKB 34, I’m curious to get some thoughts. Doing a bit of backgrounding on them, it looks like they have 20 professional gloved boxing bouts and are looking to make their sophomore bare-knuckle boxing bout here.

What have you seen from Martyn Grainger in terms of maybe some of the better stylistic attributes he has and just what are your thoughts on their general resume I suppose?

“To be honest, I heard he’s pro boxer. I don’t know how many fights he has. I didn’t check him yet (laughs). Yeah, it’s not like I don’t respect his fighting. I just don’t like to think too much and too eagerly about my opponent and be myself. I know that he is really hard puncher. He’s really strong, he has really strong punch. Yeah, I think my punches are not light either and I know that I have pretty hard head.”

Szymon Szynkiewicz vs Martyn Grainger

Szymon Szynkiewicz continued, “So I’m looking forward. I’m really looking forward because I’m gonna fight in higher weight class like I usually do. So I don’t need to stress so much with the diet and I feel like that’s gonna be good fight. I don’t say you know easy fight but it’s gonna be a really good fight, that’s for sure.”

Poster via BKB


I’ve seen the nickname and everything. I love that the nickname is Shrek and that makes me curious about the backstory.

Who gave you the moniker and what was the origin of that nickname?

“That’s kind of funny story actually. I developed my cauliflower ears pretty, pretty late in my training career and fighting career. But when they came, they really start to stick out. My ears really kind of stick out. One of my trainers from before, the MMA Legend in Norway, Thomas Hytten, we trained together and he started to laugh and say that you know what? You look like Shrek and that was many years ago. It’s just stick to me and yeah why not?”

” I kind of like this nickname because in the world of Vikings, Last Vikings, Valhallas, and killers and whatever the people calling themselves, I think Shrek is pretty cool. It’s like pretty cool, pretty chill and that’s kind of kind of me you know. I am not violent person. Like to fight and I like when people like me. I don’t look after the enemies.”

“I don’t **** talk because why I should? because I think the Shrek the personality of Shrek fit me pretty pretty nice… I also like to be in my in my forest and uh with my donkey enjoying the sun and the and the grass.”

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