Carlos Trinidad-Snake

Photo credit to Phil Lambert/ BKFC

Carlos Trinidad-Snake: “I’m Number One” After BKFC 43 Win

Carlos Trinidad-Snake bested former welterweight champion Elvin Brito via UD at BKFC 43.

Trinidad-Snake appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss his thoughts on the 165-pound title picture as we advance, the camaraderie with Houston Alexander fighting in Omaha, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Carlos Trinidad-Snake

Was this the consummate performance over a former champ while maintaining the undefeated streak and advancing to 4-0 in BKFC?

“Yeah, the point’s always to win. You always want some type of exciting finish or some sort of highlights of the night but I’ll take the win either way… Elvin’s definitely a tough dude. Tough dude to hit, he doesn’t stay still (laughs). You know it’s definitely not easy to finish everybody in there. But I think this performance definitely shows, you know. I can take the long route or I can take the fast route. Either way, I have wins in both fashions.”

Did Brito bring anything to the ring that existed outside of your preconceived notions?

“You know, I feel like a lot of people kind of expect him to be slow. I think they look at his age and they think that he’s kind of on the downfall. But I think he’s definitely still in the game, a hundred percent. He gives it all in there. I think he just definitely pushes the pace and that’s probably what I got.”


This statement win here allowed you to penetrate the top five at welterweight. How do you feel about becoming part of this hierarchy now?

“I don’t really care what the rankings say. I think I’m number one. Just took out the number one guy, former champion. So as far as I’m concerned, I am the number one on the way to the belt. You guys want the number one spot, it’s through me. So I think I’m next in line for the title, for sure. Regardless of what the rankings say.”

How do you see the upper echelon of the division playing out with rumblings of champ Luis Palomino possibly vacating his title while Gorjan Slaveski and Jake Lindsey loom near welterweight gold as well?

“I kind of just; I think Luis is kind of just waiting to see what happens with this fight. If he wins, I can see him vacating it. But if he loses, I can see him obviously holding onto it. Right now, I don’t feel like he has any reasons to let it go obviously. But you know, in the event that he did hold onto it, I think I could fight someone for an interim belt. Whoever it may be. Like I said, I think I’m the number one dude, the number one contender right now. So it’s whoever they’re throwing at me. I’m not worried about anybody else.”

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