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Technique of the Week: Belly-to-Belly Suplex

In wrestling throws are considered a highly popular attraction to the sport. In Free style wrestling, a wrestler that is capable of bringing an opponent off the mat and controls him so that his feet go directly above his head is awarded 5 points.

A belly-to-belly suplex is a highly effective throw that also translate well into mixed martial arts. It is a 5 point move in free style wrestling and sets-up effective ground game in MMA after impressing the fans.

To begin the Belly-to-belly suplex, you start from an over under hook position. Once in an over under position, an opponent will try to move their hips away. To avoid them getting their hips to far away the offensive wrestler will want dip his shoulder getting lower then them and to lock their hands together bring his foe in closer.

To set the throw up while hands are locked and opponent’s hips are in tight, step towards the over hook forcing the opponent to step out trying to defend the throw. After the defensive wrestler steps back to defend, take one step in the other direction towards the under hook.

After stepping towards the under hook side, kick your hips in tight against your enemy. Squat your hips, which generate power for the lift and throw. Turn in the direction of the arm that is trapped.

With your hips perpendicular to his, keep your back arched while turning towards the trap arm side while throwing. Explode through your hips to force your opponent through the air on to his back.

In both wrestling and MMA, this move is highly effective if setup correctly. UFC Light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and UFC Middle-weight star Chris Weidman are among many who have utilized this suplex effectively in bouts.

Watch the video below as the UFC Middleweight Champion Chris “All-American” Weidman demonstrates how to perform a belly-to-belly suplex. In the video, Weidman is shown using the suplex in his debut fight as it set up his ground game that eventually leads to a submission.

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