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Tevin Dyce: “I feel like there is pressure in every situation”

New York native Tevin Dyce makes his promotional debut on three-fight win streak at Bellator 232 against Zarrukh Adashev, fighting with his family in the stands for the first time since turning pro.

What were the emotions like, getting signed to Bellator, something like this becoming a reality?

“I was happy. I don’t want to say I cried but a little thing came down,” Dyce said as he imitated a tear coming down his face. “I’m just happy. I’m still 25, I’m still young. So, getting my foot in the door young is probably the best, I can make a statement. I can do well and support my family, and everybody back home. Shoot, I’ll go 35 if I have to. I just want to make the most money now, everything now, to support my family and make sure everybody good back home. Just be free and happy.”


How cool is it that the debut, coming up is on the East Coast, up there in Connecticut compared to fighting in Alaska as you have recently?

“Man, I got like over 50 people coming to see my fight. So, a little more nerve wracking but it feels good to have my real family and friends, people that love me, being there to support me. It feels great. Way better than Alaska. Especially since I don’t have to fly 12 hours, dehydrated and hungry, to weigh in the next day. So, flying four hours to Connecticut is really nothing, I’m happy about that.”


How much pressure is there with the situation; signing for this fight back home and 50 people coming?

“To be honest, I feel like there is pressure in every situation. I’m 3-1, three fight winning streak, ranked first in New York; so, I feel like at this point every fight is going to be pressure. I do feel like having your family there firsthand watching is more pressure but I’m very competitive, and I hate to lose. So, pressure is always going to be there, anxiety is always going to be there, but its how you perform. I’ve been doing this my whole life; competing, fighting, wrestling, karate, football, so the pressure is always there and nothing you and do to stop it. I’ve talked with Jon Jones, Holly [Holm], even Michelle [Waterson] and said, ‘The anxiety and pressure is always going to be there, it’s never going to go away, it’s how you deal with it’. Once you have a couple fights, you know once you get to the fight its inevitable. After that I don’t care about pressure. Best thing about is people that are going to love you are going to love you regardless, that’s what I learned. So, if it doesn’t go my way (I think it will, I hope it does) if it doesn’t though, I already know my mom, my dad, my family they’re still going to love me the same. The pressure is only to win. I already know everybody is going to love me the same regardless. I just got just gotta make sure I perform my best. If I do that, I don’t think its gonna last more than two rounds, respectfully of course.”

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