Thanh Le wants unification match with UFC champ Alexander Volkanovski

Thanh Le wants unification match with UFC champ Alexander Volkanovski

Thanh Le has been perfect during his tenure with ONE Championship. The ONE featherweight world champion has finished all five of his opponents since coming to the promotion in 2019.

In an interview with From The Stands MMA, Le said the title unification match between the ONE Championship and UFC should happen. The man on Le’s radar is none other than current UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

“Yes I do wanna fight Volkanovski, dude’s awesome he’s a great fighter,” Le said in the interview. “He’s got long arms for his short stature… He’s never fought a fighter with feet like mine. He has a great fight IQ, mine’s better. Yeah, I think with my skillset, weapons, and my IQ, he’s gonna have a really hard time in doing what he does really well. When he changes game plans and decides to take it to another area of fighting, that’s when it gets finished.”

“I’ve been pushing for that since I got the belt,” Le continued. “That has to happen in this sport. I don’t know if it’s gonna take a couple of years, or 20 but that has to happen in this sport. We have to be able to actually unify these belts and find out who the best featherweight, lightweight, or whatever, is in this world.

“It just doesn’t make sense not to. As far as sports go, or martial arts goes, and fighting goes, that [unification fight] has to happen… There are such good featherweights on this planet that we got to figure out a way.”

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