The Road To ADCC

The Road To ADCC Live Results

The Road To ADCC

When: Saturday, July 17, 2021

Where: Austin, Texas

How To Watch:

Kaynan Duarte vs. Matheus Diniz (Openweight): Kaynan Duarte winner by Leg Lock.


William Tackett vs. Lucas Barbosa (-88Kg): Lucas Barbosa winner by Points (34-0).


Anna Carolina Vieira vs. Elizabeth Clay (+60Kg): Anna Carolina Vieira winner by points (2-0).


Mikey Musumeci vs. Geo Martinez (-66Kg): Mikey Musumeci winner by Points (6-0).


The Road To ADCC

Nicky Ryan vs. Dante Leon (+77Kg): Nicky Ryan winner by Points (5-0).


The Road To ADCC

Roberto Jiminiez vs. Kade Ruotolo (-88Kg): Roberto Jimenez winner by Rear Naked Choke. 


** All matches are 20 minutes held under the ADCC Superfight rules.

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