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Tim Elliott speaks on ‘woman beater’ comments, ‘that was between him and I,’ wants Kai Kara France next

Tim Elliott made it two in a row as he dominated Jordan Espinosa to a unanimous decision victory at UFC 259. Elliott, one of the top names in the flyweight division, was watching closely as other flyweights made claim to a future title shot.

During the fight, Elliott as many fighters do, was talking to his opponent. Due to the empty arena, and microphones near the cage, the viewers at home got a taste of the personal trash talk between the two. Things got testy as Elliott made claims of Espinosa beating an ex-girlfriend. Elliott spoke briefly on the topic in our interview.

“I did get messages, and different calls from people and have since,” Elliott began. “Really what it was, I was getting frustrated in the fight, couldn’t get my feet going. Already had some bad beef with the guy a little bit, I let my emotions get the best of me,” Elliott continued. “I said some things but those were whispered, If I wanted to make him look bad I would have posted sh*t. I lost my cool in the fight.”

Although heard by the commentary team, and caught by the microphones, Elliott is speaking the truth. It is unusual for us (fans) to hear the chatter going on during a fight between opponents. Regardless, what was said was heard, and Elliott feels it was meant only for Espinosa’s ears.

“It was between him and I,” Elliott told MyMMANews. “It was an empty quiet building, I’m not perfect and I make mistakes. I lost my cool in there, I’m a professional. It wasn’t anything I wouldn’t say to him in a Walmart parking lot, but I’m not fighting in a walmart parking lot, I’m fighting on the biggest promotion on the planet,” Elliott continued. “I don’t want to cause my team any comotion, as for Jordan, it is squashed.”

Regardless of what was said during the heat of the moment in a mixed martial arts battle, Elliott is a victor of two straight. The Glory MMA product has an impressive resume, and has shared the cage with some of the best flyweights to ever compete, and Elliott has another intriguing name in mind for who is next, Kai Kara France.

“I like the matchup, because that is a bonus fight for me,” Elliott stated. “Guys like Brandon Royval, that is a bonus winning fight. Kai Kara France would be another one of those guys, win lose or draw that is a bonus winning fight,” Elliott continued. “I think that makes for an interesting, exciting matchup, and the numbers make sense.”

Catch the full interview with Tim Elliott linked above. Elliott speaks on his time in the “TUF” household, being coached by James Krause and much more.

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