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Tips to make funny videos for short video sharing platforms

If you are born in the recent era, you are the luckiest person. You will get an abundance of platforms to share your talent and get entertainment as well. After the success of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the short video sharing apps are now in the trend. Yes! You can find many Lustige Videos – witziges Video. 

People are also crazy about these short video apps. It not only offers them Lustige Videos – witziges Video | PutPut for entertainment, but it also enables you to showcase your talent to the globe. If you have a great sense of humor, or you can resonate with celebs, you can create your own content to become overnight stars in these short videos-sharing apps. You can make hilarious videos/ vines to create a fan base as well. But how can you do so? Creating funny videos indulges a lot of hard work. Thus, if you are watching to make funny videos, here are some tips that will help you make the best funny videos.

Start writing your own funny script. 

If you want to create something funny, you must start writing your own script. Instead of having plagiarized content, you should always try to be unique. While writing your script for funny videos, you can take real-life incidents that are fun for you. Sometimes telling about school mischiefs works. Thus, you can integrate ideas or take inspiration from others to make your script.

There are several elements that you can consider while writing down. It includes:

  • It is creating a character that will be really funny for the people. users can change the way of talking to be funny.
  • You can write the parody as well. You can also mimic celebs to tell funny incidents.

Employ the rule of three to create funny scripts 

Have you heard about the rule of three? If no, you must know that the rule of three to create humor comes when the well-set pattern breaks into three. Try writing two scenes with similar ideas, and then come up with a third pattern.

Create a script with relatable situations 

The situations that relate to the life of others always make people laugh. All the successful, funny videos usually come up with this formula. You must have also watched many comedians tell you the actual life incidents with a funny twist to bring humor in their videos. Thus, you can use this formula. You can also tell stories about the relationship. This is what usually makes every millennial laugh, as they have been in the same situation.

Film the funny fails

Another great way to create funny videos is filming the fails. Yes! You are reading it right. You can move out on the street with a camcorder in your hand. Record all the events happening around you. You will always find three out of ten incidents as funny. There are a lot of fail video compilation ideas. You can integrate bike fails, scooty fails, car driving fails, and many more.

Further, if you don’t find fails, you can record random videos and start commentating about what’s happening funnily. This will help you create a hilarious video.

Always make sure about the best editing. 

The success of your Lustige Videos – witziges Video is all about the timing and the editing. Thus, if you are watching to make a funny video, you must ensure great editing.


Winding up, this is how you can make a funny video. Now that you know the tips start making videos and share them on social media platforms. If you have any interrogations, you can leave a comment in the comment section.


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