Trend of Garden Decoration with Pallets

Trend of Garden Decoration with Pallets

Pallets are a very versatile raw material that can be used to give life to projects of all kinds! We already saw an article about furniture with pallets, but this time I propose a series of very original ideas for decorating gardens with pallets. All you need is to recycle some pallets, a set of simple tools, and a bit of illusion. You will be surprised how many things you can do recycling pallets.

You can build unique flower pots, sheds where you can store tools, little houses for your children to play with, beautiful sofas, exclusive hammocks, comfortable benches or furniture where you can store your garden utensils. You will make your garden the envy of friends and family; And without spending anything! Join the trend of garden decoration with pallet and check Wooden Pallet Price Malaysia!

Pots Made with Pallets

The pallets can serve as flower pots for the plants. You can build beautiful vertical gardens using only pallets. You can use them as if they were a shelf or as a support where you can hang the pots. If you use them as shelves you can take advantage of and write on the wood the type of plant that is growing in the pot. Don’t you love it?

If you want you can cover an entire wall with pallets and pots.

Another option for decorating gardens with pallets is that the pallet itself works as a flowerpot. All you have to do is take advantage of the internal holes to plant the plants. You will also need to line it inside with something like thick felt.

Furniture in Garden Decoration with Pallets

You can make great furniture using only pallets. For example, you can build a most incredible sofa. Give it a coat of paint and line it with colorful cushions to brighten up your garden. The seats can be bench type or you can make them with a backrest and turn them into comfortable sofas and armchairs.

But if you want it to hold up well in the rain and wind, paint the bench with exterior paint. Pick a cheerful color! Your children will love it!

Another option for decorating gardens with pallets is to create fantastic hammocks to lie down to rest.

How to make a hammock with pallets

To make a hammock with pallets, all you have to do is follow this scheme. What is simple? You dare?

Although nothing better in decorating gardens with pallets than a seesaw to rest under the shade of a tree. Making a rocker out of a pallet can be as simple as using the base pallet and hanging it at all four ends.

You can put a ceiling on your seesaw and hang candles or other decorative items. Isn’t it original?

If you prefer, you can place the seesaw on the porch to enjoy the sunsets or read a good book.

Nothing better than a fun picnic in the garden. Use the pallets as low tables and place cushions around them. You will create a rustic atmosphere of the most charming.

If you prefer, create a bar counter with pallets to organize parties at home.

Pallet Houses

Wooden pallets can be used to build houses for your garden. You can build houses for your children to play and entertain themselves, or you can make cabins and sheds to store tools and other garden supplies. Even if you dare you can build your house with pallets on a tree. Your children are sure to have a great time!

A Fence for your Garden

If you want to build a fence to decorate gardens with pallets, you just have to place the pallets vertically. You can even take advantage of and use the upper part as a flowerpot and thus decorate the fence. Another option is to build the fence reusing only the planks of the pallet.

Organize the Garden

You can use the pallets to build a place to store your garden tools. You can hang it on the wall to hold small tools, or you can rest it on the ground and use the interior recess to store rakes and shovels.

Wooden Pallet for sale but if you prefer to protect your tools from the rain and cold, you can create a closet to store them.

You can also build a work station where you can do your projects and organize all the garden material: the ideal place to store empty pots, shovels, bags of soil, etc. If you have little space you can even build it foldable.

Bicycles will also find their place to always be neat. You only need a couple of pallets.

These have been all the ideas for decorating gardens with pallets. I hope you liked them and are encouraged to put some into practice. Get out your tools and attack!


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