Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury and the latest string on Celebrity boxing – What is next?

The boxing world over the last couple of years has exploded with talent and not to mention the incredible life changing transformation of Tyson Fury aka the Gypsy King. His recent fight has been called off again and had to be re arranged. Which I’m sure boxing fans are annoyed about. There have been a lot of other good fights happening recently with promoters really pushing to have a continues flow of fights week after week. This continues to see markets with some here, where punters are able to get involved and back fighters to pick up victories in their bouts.

There has been a lot of talk about the Paul brothers as well, which you can read about here. These two have come from a YouTube background to now wanting to fight some of the best fighters on the planet. Some of these are either boxers or mm fighters, a lot of people are unsure on the new career path for the pair, but you can judge for yourself how they will get on with this new path they are trying to take.

In other news Conor McGregor has been spotted back in the gym already after that horrific leg break, he suffered. The photos have been posted online by him and it shows him in the gym wearing a cast and only being able to work out his good leg and upper body. He was recently seen living his best life alongside Justin Bieber, the pair had plenty to drink and lots of music was being played by the looks of things. We hope to see Conor back in the ring as soon as possible. Whilst on the topic of McGregor YouTube star KSI has also come out and said he would like to fight Conor, following in the footsteps of Paul against Mayweather. Again, people are unsure of this decision given Conor’s fighting background and KSI being a YouTube star.

We are all still waiting for the day that Fury and Joshua agree to a fight, if they ever do. Now that really would be one for the box office wouldn’t it. They have been exchanging words for many years now, but nothing ever seems to come of it. Will this year be the year the two finally meet or will we be kept waiting for years to come? We hope the pair will meet next after their up and coming fights that are due over the next couple of months.

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