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Best Wrestling Podcasts You Can Find in 2021

Best Wrestling Podcasts You Can Find in 2021

For everyone, who adores wrestling, it is good to be aware of every top event in the industry timely. Many online platforms stream the latest and classic wrestling tournaments. For those who like to dig deeper, you can always find very informative and exciting wrestling podcasts online. These podcasts can disclose to you the most important events in the history of wrestling, tell about the biggest names in the industry, and discover every side of wrestling in general. From the list of the provided podcasts, you can select the best ones to check constantly. You can even check them all if you have enough time to do so.

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You can check lots of the latest podcasts to get updates and interesting facts about wrestling. Check the following podcasts to find yourself the best ones to listen to.


  1. The Steve Austin Show

This is definitely the top podcast these days. The famous TV star and pro wrestler talks about every aspect of wrestling in his podcasts. You can learn lots of insights and fun facts about your favorite sports. Moreover, with lots of stories from personal life, Steve makes super interesting podcasts every time.


  1. Grilling JR

This is the podcast of a person who really knows a lot about wrestling. Jim Ross brings the most exciting stories from his personal referee experience and his work in WWE. You can learn a lot about hiring policy and wrestling stars’ discovery. Also, you can find out how the big names in wrestling made their first steps in the industry.


  1. Going in Raw

This is a pro wrestling podcast that brings exciting discussions of professional wrestling. With the hosts, Steve and Larson, you can listen to numerous dialogs with guests. The podcasts have a bunch of humor content that makes it even more interesting.


  1. Something to Wrestle

This particular podcast hosted by Bruce Prichard reveals the biggest events in the history of professional wrestling. The way Prichard tells his stories makes every video a real adventure for followers.


  1. Art of Wrestling

Cold Cabana tells the biggest stories of his life. With over 20 years of being a pro wrestler and traveling the whole world, there is a lot to talk about. Besides, Cold always gets great guests to discuss the biggest wins and failures in the history of wrestling.


  1. Notsam Wrestling

You can listen to expert broadcaster Sam Roberts and learn about the biggest names in the industry. Besides, you can learn about everything connected to pro wrestling in his podcasts.


  1. 83 Weeks

This podcast is hosted by Eric Bischoff. The former wrestling promoter and after a president of WCW surely has lots to tell about the industry in general and every big name in wrestling.


  1. The Taz Show

This is the podcast of a real award-winning podcaster and WWH champion, Taz. You can find an abundance of topics and the most entertaining stories from a known podcaster.


  1. Jim Cornette Experience

These weekly podcasts cover everything you want to know from the world of wrestling. Besides, the exceptional bluntness of the host Jim Cornette allows us to learn even more insights into wrestling politics and entertainment.


  1. Solomonster Sounds Off

These podcasts do not leave any details from wrestling’s biggest moments. You will learn the good, bad, and ugly sides of wrestling.


  1. Cheap Heat

The wrestling describing show by Peter Rosenberg brings more information about the sport. Besides, you get lots of analysis, the latest news, and talks about wrestling in one single podcast.


  1. WhatCulture Wrestling

You can listen to daily podcasts from the known platform to learn about insider information from the world of wrestling. The breaking news, exciting discussions, interviews, and even more interesting content.


  1. Busted Open

This podcast is one of the best on the radio. You can learn about numerous wrestling tournaments and big names in the industry from the host Dave LaGreca.


  1. Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

This podcast belongs to well-known journalist Wade Keller who knows more stories about big moments in wrestling you can have time to listen to.


  1. Cutaholic Wrestling

You can listen to numerous interesting news, reviews, interviews, reactions, and predictions in the podcasts. Besides, lots of documentaries are provided as well.


The best podcasts always bring lots of interesting information, updates, and exciting facts for fans. Besides, when you have such orators like Steve Austin, Dave LaGreca, and Jim Cornette, you get all the insights into the industry of wrestling you can ever get. You can learn about big names in the sports, politics, and entertainment side of wrestling in numerous daily, weekly, and monthly podcasts.

Millions of people use podcasts as the best source of entertainment. Besides, it is so easy to listen to the podcasts no matter what you are doing currently. You can go for a run or listen to podcasts while driving. It is easy to subscribe to numerous podcasts and get timely notifications about a newly released episode automatically.

If you need to save the information from podcasts, you can use the best video or audio to text transcription service to get it printed. Besides, such services can help greatly with the difficult and unclear words you cannot understand well in the podcasts. In any way, you are always free to find the best wrestling podcasts and enjoy them any time you want them.

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