trent stump

Trent Stump surprised to get called out, but more than ready for battle with Lenny Rufati at CES 52

Trent Stump had no idea that a fellow mixed martial artist had called him out via social media until a couple of his teammates made him aware of it.  Lenny ” the Gorilla” Rufati respectfully made a Facebook post seeking a fighter to accept his challenge.  He was not looking for an easy fight, but someone who would propose a challenge.  In stepped Trent Stump. who was very happy to get a fight and right in his backyard for the biggest show in Philadelphia in a long time.  CES MMA is making their first trip to the City of Brotherly Love and they have put together a stacked fight card.

Stump and Rufati are both elite athletes and could steal the show.  Stump brings his 3-1 record into the cage to try and stop Rufati (8-2), who has been on a roll.

With just a few days to go before the fight, I stopped up to see Stump at Royal Striking, where his head coach Aaron Meisner tightens up his muay-thai and helps draws up his game-plan. Trent is also getting his boxing in with William Miranda and his ground game is better than ever thanks to Bill Algeo and his deep fight team.  Check out our interview below.  Trent tells us how he found out and how he reacted to the call-out and gives us a preview of his fighting style.

Watch interview with Trent Stump below:

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