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Tyron Woodley says a fight with Colby Covington is getting “really close” to being finalized

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley might finally be getting the grudge match that has been discussed over the last few years. Ever since he was champion, Woodley has been engaged in a back-and-forth with former American Top Team teammate and former interim champion, Colby Covington. During their feud, both fighters have blamed each other for the fact that a fight has not yet been made, but the fight might be close to getting done according to the former champion.

In an interview with ‘Real Quick’ with Mike Swick, a former UFC veteran himself, Woodley revealed that a fight between himself and Covington is getting close to being finalized and dropped a potential time when the two might be meeting inside the Octagon.

“Looks like I’m going to be fighting Colby Covington. The date, we’re waiting on right now. I’m pretty confident it’s going to be a main event. Main event, ESPN+ me versus Colby. We’re getting real close on a date, September/October. It’s going down for sure.” (H/T MMA Fighting)

Given the history between the two, Woodley believes that this is the biggest fight of his career, which says a lot given the fact that he has been in six world title fights, which he has come out of with a 4-1-1 record. Without holding anything back, Tyron Woodley made it known that the fight against Covington is personal.

“This is a big fight for me, this is probably the biggest fight of my career. to be honest. Because the situation, it’s bragging rights. He’s talked all this sh*t, but in my mind he really knows what time it is but now because he has talked that much sh*t, he’s got to try to live up to it. He’s got to try to beat me. He’s been calling me out for three or four years damn near. So now it’s to the point where it’s personal and the other fights didn’t really mean as much.”

With Covington living up to his role as a heel and bad boy in the UFC’s welterweight division, Woodley would continue on to say that there’s enough people that want him to hurt Covington.

“There’s enough people that want me to hurt him so bad that if I do it, now I’m a hero. We’re not even talking about losing two fights in a row. We’re talking about the kid that finally took care of Colby Covington.”

Although Covington is known for his relentless trash talk that some may say has gone too far in the past, Woodley acknowledges that it might get dirty, but he’s going to match his future opponent in every aspect.

“He’s gonna try to use everything in mental warfare. He’s going to try to be racist, he’s going to try to talk about stuff from my personal life, he’s gonna bluff and make up sh*t about the gym [American Top Team]. He’s going to ask all these daggone questions cause he was in St. Louis with me so anything he can turn into something he’s going to do that. Guess what? I’m going to match him and make him look stupid.”

Shortly after his loss to Gilbert Burns earlier this year, Tyron Woodley revealed that he accepted a fight against Covington, and if his recent comments are any indication, fans who have wanted to see this rivalry fight take place, are getting closer to that becoming a reality.

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