Tyson Fury

Boxing champ Tyson Fury: “I think MMA is for people who can’t box”

Tyson Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko via a unanimous decision to end the Ukrainian boxing champion’s nine-and-a-half year reign as heavyweight champion on Saturday and take his WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight titles, Nov. 28.  Story here.

Fury appeared on the MMA Hour, proclaimed himself the ‘best combat fighter on the planet’ and dismissed MMA as lesser than his own sport.

“I think MMA is for people who can’t box, basically.”

Fury also revealed that he was in touch with Bellator MMA regarding a potential fight with the organization.

“Me and Scott Coker‘s had many conversations in the past about coming to Belltor and fight. I’m the heavyweight champion on the world in boxing and I’d like to unify and switch. I’d like to fight the UFC heavyweight champion. I’ve been calling Cain Velasquez out for two years and then he got beaten, so it showed you what I said was about right.”

“I’m not really interested in a 100 percent MMA fight because obviously, they’re not going to stand up and bang with the heavyweight champion of the world, are they? They just want to take me to the floor.

“I just want to fight the best, the best stand-up fighter in the world. Whoever is the best stand-up fighter in the world, I want to fight him because I believe I’m that man,” he noted. “I don’t care if he wants to kick, whatever he wants to do. We can have an all-in fight because I believe I’m the best combat fighter on the planet.”

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