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Tywan Claxton - Bellator 186 - Photo by William McKee for MyMMANews

Tywan Claxton believes his experience will allow him to offer up a piece of humble pie at Bellator 260

After being away from competition for nearly a year, Tywan Claxton returns this weekend at Bellator 260 and he will welcome undefeated challenger Justin Gonzales, who is making his promotional debut with Bellator.

During Wednesday’s media day Gonzales told members of the media that he believed he was the best 145-pound fighter in the world, which Claxton now believes could lead to an opportunity to humble him.

When asked about Gonzales’ comments about being the best fighter in the world at their weight class, Claxton said he believes this fight now presents an opportunity for him to serve up a slice of humble pie to his opponent.

“I think that my experience is about to allow me to let him get a piece of humble pie. I think that he’s a tough fighter, he’s undefeated, but I think that we all know that there’s a difference inside the Bellator cage.”

Tywan Claxton has competed under the Bellator banner for the entirety of his professional career, and he understands there are multiple major differences between a top-tier promotion and the regional circuit.

“There’s a difference between the regional scene and one of the best organizations in the world. There’s a difference between the atmosphere. There’s a difference between being able to maintain your mind, and stay sharp, stay focused and not get caught up in all the media and all the other obligations you have to do when you get to this stage and you’re on this level.”

As for his opponent’s undefeated record and coming up through the regional circuit, Claxton also acknowledged the difference between his experience with Bellator throughout his career and Gonzales’ experience coming up through the regional route.

“There’s also a difference in the competition. Training with hard people is one thing, and then being across the cage from another guy like [Emmanuel Sanchez, or [Jay Jay] Wilson is a different animal. Being across the cage from a guy that’s like me or one of those guys will let you know real fast that you always have room to grow. So I’m looking forward to welcoming the best 145-pounder in the world come Friday night.”

While his opponent has no shortage of confidence heading into Bellator 260 this weekend, Tywan Claxton not only recognizes the differences between the two of them, but he believes his experience will stand apart and be shown inside the cage.

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