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Mustard yellow UFC 200 octagon ‘really irked my tater’

Mustard yellow UFC 200 octagon ‘really irked my tater’

Whether you physically attended UFC 200 in Las Vegas  or watched at home or a bar with friends there was one thing that was undeniably unattractive no matter where you were at.

The canvas color of the UFC 200 octagon in which the fighters competed in had undergone a transformation, a face lift of sorts.  The normal white/gray colored canvas that adorns the logos of event sponsors had been changed to “gold.”

The only problem was that the “gold” looked more like that of the yellow mustard you would squirt on your hotdog at a ballgame.  I would even go as far as to say the color resembled the yellow brick road from the ‘Wizard of Oz.’

Leading up to the UFC 200 event the organization had used a “gold” color theme to promote their 200 event which was to be their biggest and baddest event to date.

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto was told that the decision to do change the canvas color for the event came from UFC President Dana White himself.  While the idea might have been intriguing at the time of concept it didn’t really pan out all that well as social media site such as Twitter and Facebook were flooded with negative comments.

White states that this color change was a one time deal.

I for one was watching this epic fight card at the home of one our site’s photographers when my wife kept making comments about how the octagon color was throwing her off.

“This octagon color is really irking my tater,” she said as the room burst into laughter.

Obviously “irk” means to bother or get on one’s nerves…. but “irk my tater”???  Babe, I love ya, but that comment was enough inspiration for an article about the urine color octagon that we hopefully never have to see again.

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