Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes reacts after defeating Cris Cyborg by first round knockout to become the new UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion during UFC 232 at the Forum in Inglewood Ca, Saturday, Dec 29, 2018. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

UFC 245 results: Amanda Nunes uses dominant ground game to retain title

On Saturday night in Las Vegas, the UFC caps off it’s 2019 pay-per-view calendar year with an absolutely stacked card with UFC 245.

The event takes place at the T-Mobile Arena and features three world title fights, including the main event for the welterweight strap between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.

In the first of the title fight trifecta, Amanda Nunes defends her bantamweight title against the inaugural 145-pound champion Germaine de Randamie. Nunes, who is also the current women’s featherweight champion, will look to make her fifth successful title defense on Saturday night. In her last appearance, “The Lioness” knocked out former world champion Holly Holm in the first round of the UFC 239 co-main event. Nunes is widely considered the greatest women’s fighter of all-time, and also in the overall pound-for-pound conversation.

De Randamie will not only be looking to capture her second UFC title in two different weight classes, she will look to extract some revenge in the process. In 2013, de Randamie took on Nunes at UFC Fight Night 31 and was finished in the first round via TKO. “The Iron Lady” has not lost another fight since that night in 2013 and is coming off of a 16-second knockout win over Aspen Ladd in the main event of July’s UFC Sacramento event.

Here is how the first of three world title fights went down at UFC 245 between Amanda Nunes and Germaine de Randamie, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


The ladies trade leg kicks early. Nunes lands a big right hand over the top which backs up the challenger. Leg kick and a right hand combination from Nunes. De Randamie with a leg kick. She throws another and Nunes catches it, lands a right hand. Nunes throwing big shots and de Randamie is able to defend before the champion take her down. De Randamie falls into a tight guillotine as she tries to get to her feet. The challenger is able to escape and get the fight back to the feet. They clinch against the cage and de Randamie lands a knee. Nunes does not want to be in this position, however she escapes and takes the fight back down. Nunes unloading with nasty ground and pound. Nunes continues to land big right hands in the guard of de Randamie. The champion with a nice elbow on top. Nunes lands more ground and pound. De Randamie with a nice up kick. Nunes is unloading once again and this one may be over. Nunes continues the flurry but de Randamie is still alive with under a minute to go. Nunes with an arm triangle and it is very tight. De Randamie is hanging on and Nunes with some nasty elbows. De Randamie aggressively throws another up kick. Nunes backs off and the horn sounds. Incredible heart from de Randamie but huge first round for the champion. scores it 10-8 for Nunes


They high five to kick odd the second round and the challenger throws a head kick right away. De Randamie much more aggressive here, landing a pair of stiff jabs. Left hand from de Randamie, followed by a nice combination. Big right hand by de Randamie. Nunes with a right hand, de Randamie counters with a left. Nunes ducks under and takes de Randamie down, picture perfect level change. De Randamie clinching the back of Nunes’ had hoping to get this fight back to the feet. Nunes is throwing short left hands to the body and Keith Peterson stands them up quickly. Big question mark kick from de Randamie. Right hand and a knee from de Randamie. She has Nunes trapped in a Thai clinch and lands a pair of big knees. Nunes is stunned right now with just over two minutes to go. They battle against the fence and de Randamie is in her wheel house. Nunes desperately looking for a takedown and gets it. Nunes trying to slow things down. A pair of elbows from the champion. De Randamie doing a nice job avoiding any major damage. Under 20 seconds to go and Nunes standing over the challenger. Nunes falls into the guard as she takes some heavy breaths. The round ends and what a confidence booster that must be for de Randamie. scores it 10-9 for de Randamie


De Randamie pushing forward early and lands a big right hand. Nunes throwing fastball right hands, but ducks underneath and takes the challenger down. Nunes in half guard looking to land some elbows. Again, de Randamie doing a nice job avoiding any big damage. Nunes now looking to trap an arm and does. De Randamie is able to free that left arm as Keith Peterson is taking a close look. Elbow from Nunes. Two minutes gone in the third round as Nunes looks to improve position, landing shots to the body. Nice elbow from Nunes, and another. De Randamie is trying to tie Nunes back up to force the referee to stand them up. Peterson is letting them go and Nunes lands a pair of elbows. De Randamie ties Nunes up again but the champion is able to break free. Nunes looking for another arm triangle, she switches to elbows instead. De Randamie with a big up kick and it gets the champ’s attention. Amanda Nunes in side control throwing elbows, de Randamie doing a nice job blocking most of them. The challenger scrambles and gets back to her feet, but only briefly. Nunes ends the round on top as the horn sounds. scores it 10-9 for Nunes


The first of three title fights heads to the championship rounds. Nunes starts with a leg kick, checked from de Randamie. Nunes goes to the body as de Randamie moves forward. The challenger over extends and gets taken down by Nunes, landing in half guard. Big elbow from Nunes as the challenger is trying to tie up. Nunes with some ground and pound, de Randamie landing from the bottom as well. Nunes gets her arms free and lands a pair of elbows. Another gnarly elbow from Nunes. Hammer fist from the champion as we approach the halfway point of the round. De Randamie gets a triangle in tight, with an armbar to boot. Nunes escapes, they get back to the feet and she takes de Randamie back down. That was very close. They work on the ground but Nunes is trying to catch her breath. Peterson looking closely as he might stand it up. Nunes lands an elbow as Peterson inches towards them. Nunes trying to stay active with under 45 seconds to go. Left elbow blocked by de Randamie. Under 10 seconds to go and the round will end with Nunes in the guard. scores it 10-9 for Nunes


The ladies hug it out to kick off the final round, apparently to the dismay of this Vegas crowd. Nunes takes de Randamie right to the mat as she’s not taking any chances. Short punches from Nunes as the first 90 seconds of the final round are behind us. Peterson looking close again as Nunes is trying to work in the guard of de Randamie. Nunes lands a left hand to the body, and twice to the head. De Randamie landing from her back, but Nunes is staying active with punches on top. Left elbow from Nunes. We approach the final two minutes and de Randamie is still on her back with no signs of a scramble. Nunes continues to grind away as the crowd gets restless. Peterson is letting this go, surprisingly, after the quick stand up earlier in the fight. Approaching the final minute and not much has changed. Nunes continues to land short punches and elbows. De Randamie gets separation for a moment, but Nunes gets right back in the guard as time runs out. scores it 10-9 and the fight 49-45 for Amanda Nunes


Official result: Amanda Nunes def. Germaine de Randamie via unanimous decision (49-44, 49-46, 49-45)

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