Justin Gaethje batters Ferguson to win interim title

UFC 249 results: Justin Gaethje batters Tony Ferguson to win interim title

Justin Gaethje is on top of the world

UFC fights are back.

On Saturday night, May 9, UFC 249 takes place in Jacksonville, Fla. following a two-month hiatus for the promotion. 

Inside an empty Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the card features two championship bouts. Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje did battle in the main event for the UFC interim lightweight title. 

Ferguson put his eight-year unbeaten streak on the line against Gaethje. Most recently, Fergons defeated Donald Cerrone by TKO [Doctor stoppage] int he second round at UFC 238 in June 2019.

Ferguson brings the action often, finishing nine of his last 12 opponents.

Gaethje is on a streak of his own, knocking out all of his last three opponents. In his last outing, Gaethje put away Cerrone by TKO in the first round at UFC on ESPN+ 16 in September 2019.

Here is how the UFC Interim Lightweight Championship bout between title holder Tony Ferguson and challenger Justin Gaethje went down at UFC 249, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, you can check them out right here.


Ferguson and Gaethje tap gloves, both guys feeling one another out early. Geathje throws a leg kick early on. Ferguson lands a quick combination with his hands. Ferguson lands jab to the body as Gaethje comes in. Geathje lands an outside leg kick, but Ferguson counters with a right. Ferguson lands a front kick, both guys swinging. Ferguson throws high kick and lands a jab after. Geathje with a inside leg kick. Both miss as they swing some heavy hands. Geathje lands right hand as Ferguson comes in. Geathje lands another jab as Ferguson comes inside. Geathje is finding a home for his right hand. Both guys connect with a left hook. Ferguson misses a head kick at the end of the round.


MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Gaethje


Both men meet in the center, Gaethje lands a right hand as Ferguson comes in with a super man punch. Gaethje with another left hook. Geathje works the jab, but Ferguson counters with a straight punch. Geathje lands a right and follows with a left. Ferguson lands a jab to the body. Gaethje countering nicely. Geathje lands an outside leg kick, followed by a jab. Geathje lands another left hook, this time to the body. Geathje changes levels and comes up with another left hook. Ferguson taking more punishment. Ferguson lands an inside leg kick. Ferguson with a overhand right, but Geathje slips and lands another leg kick. Ferguson is showcasing a concrete chin, taking another left hand from Gaethje. Ferguson drops Gaethje with an uppercut to end the round. Ferguson has a heck of a chin. Both for that matter.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Gaethje


Geathje goes to the body with a jab. Ferguson throws a double jab and Gaethje backs up. Both exchange, but Gaethje lands a left hook. Ferguson is bleeding and has a lot of swelling under his left eye. He is also bleeding under his right eye. Gaethje continues to land the left hook. Gaethje lands a right hand and buckles Ferguson. Geathje throws another right hand, followed by another left hook. Ferguson’s face is bruised and battered. Ferguson lands a left hand in a close exchange. Ferguson lands low leg kick, Gaethje falls briefly. Gatehje loads up and misses with left hand. Ferguson lands a kick to the body of Gaethje, Gaethje misses with counter to end the round.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Gaethje


Gaethje starts the final round with an inside leg kick. Both mean are center in the cage. Ferguson attempts a wheel kick and misses. Gaethje reintroduces the left hook. Ferguson eats more shots from Gaethje. Ferguson’s face tells the entire story, a lot of blood. Ferguson lands a front kick to the knee of Gaethje. Geathje lands a jab on the body and lands a right hand. Gaethje following Ferguson. Geathje lands another leg kick. Geathje misses with an overhand right, Ferguson also misses with the counter punch. Geathje takes a groin shot and referee Herb Dean calls for a break. Geathje says he is OK and the action resumes. Gaethje wobbles Ferguson with an outside leg kick. Ferguson misses with a jab to body, goes forward and Gaethje throws a kick to the body.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Gaethje


Gathje starts the round out with another left hook. Ferguson is bleeding from his face and shins, from checking kicks. Gaethje lands a left, right and left. Gaethje lands an outside leg kick. Geathje lands a jab, and then lands a right and left. Gaethje comes forward, lands another left and right. Gathje works a left jab, Ferguson counters with a leg kick. Getahje is landing the right jab at will. Ferguson continues to get punished by the left hook. Ferguson misses with a leg kick. Getahje lands a left hook and Ferguson backs up. Gathje lands a jab and Ferguson looks hurt. Dean calls the stoppage. There is a new UFC lightweight interim champion.

Official result: Justin Gaethje def. Tony Ferguson by TKO [referee stoppage] at 3:39 in the fifth round.



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