Upcoming MMA Fights Worth Betting Online

Upcoming MMA Fights Worth Betting Online

MMA fights under UFC have evolved to become one of the decade’s most entertaining and loved sports. With such a huge audience always watching the upcoming MMA matches, the whole industry grows in terms of value and popularity. People passionate about Mixed Martial Arts or UFC can always select from numerous bets on the upcoming MMA matches worth betting online. However, you must know about the basic betting industry and the competitors before placing the wager.

PFL World Championship 2021: Kayla Harrison vs. Taylor Guardado

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The fight between Harrison and Guardado is scheduled to be held on October 27, 2021, at Fort Lauderdale from 8 pm onwards. Harrison, who weighs ten pounds more than Guardado, is an American judoka and professional MMA fighter and a champion of this title before. This MMA event is one of the main cards from the rest of the fights in prelims, mains, and early prelims.

Kayla Harris is a successful MMA fighter under the lightweight division. She is the winner of the world judo championship in 2010 and two-times gold-winning American in the Olympics. She also won the Pan American Games in 2015. She has an incredible professional record of 11 matches with 11 wins, including five knockouts, four submissions, and two decisions.

Taylor Guardado is a young American who is frightening with her skills, technique, and martial arts training. Her records involve only four matches, consisting of 3 wins and one defeat with no tie. This is statistically a good score, but the MMA fighter Taylor will have all that she gotta win this upcoming match. Placing a bet on this forthcoming match via the best casino online NL will be worth it.

UFC 267: Blachowicz vs. Texeira

Another exciting match that will happen in a few upcoming days is between Balchowicz and Texeira. Anyone who places bets on MMA fights will undoubtedly look forward to this match. The match is scheduled to be held on October 30, 2021, at 11:30 pm.

Glover Texeira has a better professional record than Jan Balchowicz. Texeira has played 38 matches with 31 wins and seven defeats, including no ties, whereas Blachowicz has played 36 games, with 28 victories and eight losses, and no tie. Both of them have won their last MMA fight, so the competition is going to be tough.

Both MMA fighters have a somewhat equal ratio of winning by submission. Texeira has a record of winning 57% of matches by knockout, whereas Blachowicz has a record of winning 45% of matches by declaration. The stats and odds are all indicating that Texeira has better chances to win than Balchowicz. So, placing your bet through a casino online DK will be the wisest decision as a bettor. We also want to advise you to keep an eye on other battles of the fighters. With the help of their behavior in the ring and analysis of the length of their careers, you will most likely be able to predict which of the players will lose and which of them will win. This will help you earn some money and get to know the tactics of the fighters better.

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