MMA Tabata Workout

What is the MMA Tabata Workout?

In today’s fitness world, long lasting and exhausting workout session is part of history. Instead of numerous hours on a treadmill or in any other kind of cyclical aerobic exercise, a completely new training perspective is offered to you. That is high-intensity interval training or shorter HIIT. What are the differences and what benefits HIIT brings over long lasting and boring workout sessions and what exactly is Tabata workout are some of the questions I will answer to you?

HIIT > Aerobic Continuum

HIIT is a high-intensity type of workout in which you enter the anaerobic energy supplying state. That means that you are entering in a state where your cardiovascular system can not supply enough oxygen to the working muscles. That is an anaerobic type of energy supply. Due to that reason those high-intensity workouts are very short lasting. They are done in 80-100% of a maximum and they become very taxing to your body. On the other hand, they are the ultimate training tool to build both horse endurance and strength. In the ocean of HIIT health benefits I will highlight a few of them:

Improved endurance
– Increasing in VO2 max
Increased fat burning compared to aerobic training
– Time-saving workout routine
– Improved insulin sensitivity

Where Tabata jumps in

As we stated already, Tabata is a part of HIIT family. The “father” of the Tabata method is Izumi Tabata. He and his partners made a study in 1996. in which they were measuring different training methods and effects they have on VO2 max numbers and anaerobic capacities. Gains in anaerobic capacities were 28% from the initial state. Also, they concluded that a high-intensity workout improves both aerobic and anaerobic capacities. They constructed the working intervals that were 20 seconds long at an intensity of 170% of VO2 max. After that 10 seconds of total rest is coming up. In original Tabata method 8 intervals of work and resting have to be done. That is how you complete 1 Tabata round.

Beside scientific evidence of numerous benefits, this method has on your conditioning level and health, the most important thing is its simplicity. You don’t need any of the equipment to start with Tabata. Your body and stopwatch are enough to start with it.

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Tabata MMA Workout

When it comes to Tabata, it is important to say that it is an aggressive training approach that exhaust your body fuel to the last drop. Because of that, total beginners are not suggested to start with this method. There are other HIIT principles that can be implemented in beginners training.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced practitioner you are more than welcome to start with Tabata. You can start with easy bodyweight exercises to get used to timer and intervals. Good starting point routine can look like this:

1) Plank
2) Squat
3) Lunge
4) Push up

You alternate between exercises in 20/10 interval and after completing 8 exercises, or in this case you do every exercise twice, one round is done. You can start with 3 training rounds with 2-3 minutes of rest between them.

If you are a more advanced practitioner and this routine looks too easy for you, here are some intermediate Tabata MMA workout suggestion:

1) 2 hand Kettlebell swing
2) 2 hand Kettlebell rowing
3) 2 hand Kettlebell overhead press
4) 2 hand Kettlebell farmers walk

Just 3 round of this will be enough to feel your muscles burning. Take 2-3 minutes of rest between the rounds.

For the elite practitioners, you can choose more MMA specific exercises which will replicate competition demands for them.

1) High kick – Low kick
2) Throwing simulation with elastic bands
3) Focusers boxing
4) Dummy throw

As an elite practitioner, you should program your endurance workouts depending on your specific match tactics. Someone will need 3-5 and someone will need 5 or more rounds of Tabata to get an endurance kick. Also, keep a decent amount of rest between your MMA Tabata circuits.

In the end

To conclude, if you are more advanced MMA practitioner the right time to implement Tabata workout into your endurance training was yesterday. Yes, yesterday. Don’t lose your precious time on long-lasting sessions, take the benefits high-intensity training is offering. Also, be sure to make an adequate warm-up. Take your time to mobilize, activate and stretch muscles in the right way to prevent injuries. Tabata workout is a powerful tool and it can be used on different occasions. After a while, you will get used to interval training and I am sure you will love the results.

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