Boxing HeadGear

What To Look For In Boxing HeadGear

Over the course of your boxing career, you’re going to take a lot of hits to the noggin.

It’s unavoidable.

So to reduce head injuries, you’re going to want good quality boxing headgear.

But it should do more than just protect from punches.

Your headgear should interfere with your boxing and training as little as possible so you can perform at an optimal level.

It should also be comfortable. After all, your head is going to spend a lot of time in there.

When looking for your next (or first) boxing headgear, here are some different aspects to consider so you get the right one!


There are two main types of headgear:

  • Competition
  • Training

So depending what you need the headgear for will depend on which kind you buy.

Competition headgear is usually lighter and has less coverage. This is because you want maximum maneuverability while in a match.

If you are entering a competition, make sure you check the rules, so your headgear fulfills the proper requirements.

Training headgear is heavier but will have more protection and coverage.

While it may slow you down a bit compared to competition headgear, you will be taking more hits throughout your training, so having more protection can help you avoid injury.


The more coverage a best boxing headgear has, the more protection you will get.

Headgears have varying degrees of coverage.

Some will have a bar going across your mouth and nose, or extensions covering your cheeks. Some, on the other hand, will leave your face fully exposed.

The more coverage you have doesn’t necessarily mean the headgear is better because, typically, it will also be heavier.

Try to find one that has the right balance between the amount of coverage you are looking for and is still light.


Your headgear has to fit well and be comfortable.

It will be almost impossible to tell if one has the right fit just by looking at it, so trying it on beforehand is a must.

If you are purchasing headgear online, see if you can go to a store to try one on, or if the company can send you a trial one.


While boxing, you want maximum visibility so you can see what is coming at all times.

Similar to the weight of the headgear, the more protection you have, the less visibility there will be.

So, you will want to find the right balance between protection and visibility.

The area that is probably the most important when considering visibility will be your forehead because you will often be tucking your chin in when blocking punches.


Ideally, you would be able to avoid every punch that comes your way.

But that just doesn’t happen.

Over the course of your training and matches, your headgear will take quite a few hits.

That is why your boxing headgear’s durability will be super important, so it will protect you better for longer.

Where To Look

Hopefully, after reading this, you have an idea of what to look for in boxing headgear.

Now you get to start looking!

If you need a place to start, check out this article. It has reviews and descriptions of some of the best headgear out there.

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