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When Flying, Have You Ever Taken An Elux Legend Vape With You?

If you are a vape fanatic and a traveling enthusiast, chances are you cannot resist taking your vape device with you to your next destination. But do you know that every airline has restrictions on vape devices, and you cannot travel with your vape kit just like that?

A vape is a fragile device that needs extra precaution. The lithium-ion batteries in vape pose a fire risk; therefore, airport authorities have tightened the rules regarding vaping. As a vape enthusiast, it is pretty hard to stay away from your Elf Bar vape devices for long periods of time. But as a good citizen, it is essential that you obey the rules of the airport. 

Stop Vaping In The Air!

Vaping while flying in an airplane is completely prohibited. You may take your vape devices or other accessories onboard, but you are not allowed to vape while in the air. No doubt, vapes are much less harmful than cigarettes (according to the NHS, vapes are 95% safer than cigarettes), but it is always a good idea to never vape in public places, especially on public transport.

Different people have allergies to different substances. Some people could be hypersensitive to some of your vape liquids and might get allergies to massive cloudy vapours. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid vaping in places where it is prohibited. You can enjoy vaping once you reach your final destination or you are alone. 

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Hypersensitive Individuals Might Get Affected By Vapours:

You may be thinking, what effects does your lemon ice tart flavour have on anyone else? And the least it can do is create a magical aromatic fragrance around people! It’s not about the flavour; it’s all about allergic reactions. For instance, some people are allergic to perfumes, while others may get severe allergic reactions to any food item. So people’s safety is your responsibility when you are out there in public.

Regarding today’s topic, can you bring your crystal bar 4000 to the airplane or not? You’ll be happy after knowing you can bring your vape kit on a plane in your carry-on luggage. 

If you are a vape fanatic and a travelling enthusiast, it is fairly possible that you cannot resist taking your vape device with you to your next destination. Therefore, various airlines have permitted travel with vape devices but under some legislation. However, the majority of airlines, including the UK, have put a complete ban on the use of Elf Bar vaping devices inside their planes.   

Summing Up:

Airlines do not allow vapes to be placed on hold due to the lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries cannot be stored in the cargo because of fire hazards. Therefore it’s a good practice to store your vape device carefully. In case you have some extra e-liquids bottles, you can carry them in separate containers (not more than 100ml). 

If you do not want to be involved in the hassle of e-liquid bottles, you can simply opt for Elf Bar Lost Mary 3500 vape, or you can also purchase a disposable kit from Elf Bar. These vape devices are easy to carry and can be conveniently used.

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